Saturday, 16 December 2017

8 Things I have learned in Paris, France (Postcards and Side pictures too)

It was my first time heading to the mainland Europe and the processing was quite gruesome and expensive. Having a Philippine passport, I am not allowed just to go there and visit the place. I needed to undergo a process of doing a visa application (in which I am granted a year for multiple cities together with my friends - elated about this). It took us a couple of hours on embassy appearance (submitting documents, visa pictures and payments) and waited for 2 weeks to get our Schengen visa! 

While waiting for our departure heading to France, I am not even prepared (but my luggage was) physically, emotionally and mentally (wow? lol). Out of that, I have learned a lot of things after our travel in Paris, France going back to London and I will lay it down now on the table.
1. Fix the Phone services. I am the only one in the group who did not have an internet service because I was not able to change the settings on my mobile phone. So next time, I will make sure that I will fix everything first before heading to whatever country in Europe.
2. Changing Money. I was confident that my cards will seal the deal in terms of purchasing stuff and food. Yes, it did but not most of the time. If it will be your first time traveling to Europe, always make sure that you will bring some Euros with you because some clothing stores or restaurants in Europe do not accept international cards, just cash or local French cards.
3. Be Vigilant (AF). I think in every place that you will visit, you will always encounter shady people who are up for no good. In our scenario, as we arrived in Paris, 3 guys came with us inside the elevator and they were moving a lot. Good thing, one of our friends Mia said "check our bags" in Tagalog way and everyone's senses came to reality. It was when we found out that one of the guy's hands was inside my friend, Shyn's bag. The guy who did that went on my side and tried to get my phone out of my pocket but because of my thunder legs making my pair of trousers quite fit, he was unsuccessful in snatching it. Never flash your expensive stuff on the streets and be careful about your luggage too.
4. Plan ahead. I am lucky that I traveled France with my friends (Elaine, Sunshine, and Mia) they were the most organized people I knew here in London. Our travel went smoothly because they arranged everything at once.
5. Never be late. As we headed to France and backed to London, the 4 of us were late with our departure time (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA). We were like 10 minutes earlier than our scheduled travel time that supposed to be like an hour earlier as possible. We rebooked our travel tickets on our way to France for free (super lucky) but had to pay 40 pounds each person because of the reason that were late on our train heading back to London. The reason why we were late on going back to London, its because I needed to answer the nature's call and provide some droppings for Mother Earth (LOL). We learned the hard way. LOL!
6. Learned the Local's language. We were not that prepared on how to say things in a French way (because hello there's Google translate app). But, we made sure that before we left the city, we were able to pronounce the name of each train station on point. E.g. Monceau, Rome, Barbes-Rochechouart, La Chapelle and a lot more (planning to do a youtube tutorial but I am shy, AF! Encourage me? LOL)
7. Be friendly. It's always a golden rule to be friendly with the local people but do not trust them easily. If you will find the right people to be with, your travel tour guide will be for free. :)
8. Sleep is for the weak (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA). I came from a night shift heading to France and I was really sleepy that I had to fight back and made myself awake. A secret to staying awake the whole day? A mixture of red bull, a chocolate drink and a cup of coffee. I survived my first day in France!
As much as I want to jot down every lesson I have learned in France but it was too much that I think Google Blogger will complain about me doing that (LOL). Next stop, I might visit either Belgium or Italy next time and I will try my best to do a YouTube video about it. :)

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Oxygen X Bieber Collection

Streetwear gaming became strong as homegrown brand Oxygen launched its collection collaborating with none other than Justin Bieber. The chart-topper, high-end brand endorser and one of the most sought artists brought up his timeless street style to his collection that was mostly composed of black and white. The #OxygenXBieber Collection was mainly constituted of cool graphic tees, pullovers, bomber jackets, caps, and hoodies that were taken accounts from Justin Bieber himself, and his hit album, Purpose.
Personally, I had a difficulty which one to pick for most of the shirts came in minimal prints and of dark colors. Moreover, some of the most famous song lines from his album were imprinted to some shirts making the "hugot" #OOTD's on point. 
It was a great event as most of the Bieber fans raided the 2-day shopping event to look for their idol's merchandise. I have to admit but I am one of the fans of Justin Bieber and his clothing line was one of my favorites by far. One of the reasons was his clothes were not overly designed as compared to some artists' collaborations with the brands.
The collection is a licensed merchandise in partnership with Bravado and MCAA Universal. Also, if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events, and promos, just visit Oxygen's official website here. Furthermore, do not forget to use the hashtag #OxygenXBieber for your OOTD's on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.