Sunday, 21 August 2016

Adidas Originals Manila: Welcome to our Neighborhood

Adidas has been in the shoe retailing industry for a long time, pioneering classical sports style to the streets. The brand makes sure that its patrons get what it deserve by coming up with the best shoe designs, cuts, and materials. As the label keeps on growing up, Adidas Originals launched its retail concept Neighborhood in Glorietta 2 last August 18, 2016. 
Humbly staying true to the Adidas Originals vision, the Neighborhood stores in Manila take inspiration from the creativity and spirit of the city. Rooted firmly in the culture of the surrounding streets, Manila's flagship stores tell the countless stories that come with these neighborhoods. 

The store currently holds basic sportswear up to floral designed-clothes adapting to the fashion demands of this season. Moreover, the neighborhood stores have a special, handcrafted design which incorporates the store's facade and architecture. Connected to the scene and feel of Manila, Neighborhood is set to become a local and cultural center.
The only place that can showcase the depth of the brand, the Neighborhood stores present the very best of Adidas Originals: sneaker highlights, limited releases, and collaborations. Having the first one to grace the opening of the neighborhood, I took some pictures of the things I would love to have in the future. Furthermore, these pieces were some of the dopest merchandise that you will see inside the branch. 
By opening the Neighborhood flagship store in Manila, Adidas Originals does not only reposition themselves as the pioneering sportswear brand for the streets, Originals also engage with their target consumers further, providing them authentic hubs for creativity and inspiration.

To celebrate the opening of the Manila flagship stores, the label launched even new colorways of the NMD's and some sneakers, inspiring everyone to explore and own the future!
Sneakerheads and fans alike are welcome to visit the Adidas Originals neighborhood flagship stores, now open in Uptown Mall and Glorietta.

If you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events, and promos, you may check their Facebook page here. Also, follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@adidasph and @adidasoriginals).
Thursday, 18 August 2016

Uniqlo Joggers Styling Class Event

Clothing design has been so aggressive that it produces a new innovation in joggers. What we all know as a simple pair of gym pants, it evolves to certain cuts, designs, and prints to catch up with the fast-changing fashion demands. Uniqlo has been very supportive of these changes that they launched their Jogger Pants collection last August 11, 2016 in a form of a master styling class featuring Liz Uy and Rex Atienza. 
Liz and Rex had their different takes on styling jogger pants during the event. On Liz alone, she focused on making each piece looked sporty and chic. She expressed that each outfit must put well together with minimal effort, but with maximum styling impact. On the other hand, Rex optimized the idea of comfortability and adaptability of clothes based on the weather. He added that the necessity of dressing up must let the wearer equally juggle the concept of play, work, and travel.
Continuing the effort, this FALL/WINTER season, UNIQLO provides 4 types of Jogger pants for women- Drape, Milano Rib, Ponte, and Classic; and 2 types for men- Ultra-Stretch and Classic. Each piece is comfortable, functional and stylish, made with high-quality materials to suit the lifestyle needs of every Filipino.

Elegance in the Workplace. UNIQLO Classic and Drape Jogger pants for women are relaxed and comfortable, featuring a sleek silhouette. Each piece can be worn both in semi-formal or casual occasions. The drapes and tapers toward the hems have a slimming effect for a more flattering look. UNIQLO Ultra-Stretch and Classic Jogger pants for men feature an elastic waist for a more relaxed and comfortable fit. Its ribbed cuffs create a sleek outline for a simple yet stylish look at the office. 

Laid-back post-work sessions. UNIQLO Ponte Jogger pants for women is made with soft ponte material that keeps Stay on-trend with UNIQLO’s Jogger Pants Collection NEWS RELEASE 2 the wearer comfortable all-day long. It features easy-to- wear drawstring and fitted cuffs to create chic lines.

Stylish Travel. UNIQLO Milano Rib Jogger pants for women is made of durable material and feature a soft textured fabric for a more relaxed feel. The easy-to- wear elastic drawstring on the waist provides a gentle snug fit, and the tapered cut makes for a trendy silhouette, perfect for traveling comfortably while still staying in style. The 2016 FALL/WINTER Jogger Collection is now available in all UNIQLO stores nationwide.
Before the event ended and much to my surprise, me and Sarah Tirona were handpicked by these superb stylists to be styled using Uniqlo's Joggers. The reason why I was chosen was because of my beanie! Anyhow, Sarah was with Liz and I am with Rex. It was surreal that I was chosen to be dressed up by the head of Stylelist Inc.
The 2016 FALL/WINTER Jogger Collection is now available in all UNIQLO stores nationwide. Also, if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events, and promos, head now to the brand's official website which is 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sef x Nakturnal International Blog Giveaway

Being a blogger for a couple of years, it thrills me whenever a brand or a marketing body is collaborating with me. Although they are few in numbers, I am still overwhelmed that they believe in my work and what I can do as a personal web writer. 

Today, I will be having another round of blog giveaway made possible by Nakturnal Online branding. I will be choosing 2 lucky winners of $100 East Dane Gift Certificates each. How cool is that?

If you will seek my suggestions, you may check East Dane's Men's Shoes section and check their wide array of selections. Also, you may check their markdown items or the 50% Off Men's clothing, sneakers, and a lot more!
Here is how to join:
1. This contest is open to everyone whether living in the Philippines or outside of the country.
2. Do not forget to follow me on Instagram (@seftiburcio)
3. Search East Dane's website and choose any item you love to have.
4. Once done, put on the comment section the link of the item you like, including your name and email address.
(Here is a screenshot example)
5. Do not forget to share this blog together with the link of your favorite item from East Dane's website, and tag a friend.
(Here is a screenshot example)
6. The giveaway will run for 2 weeks and I will be announcing 2 winners on August 29th.
Note: International Shipping fee is free for orders over $100. Any potential custom tariffs must be shouldered by the winners. These vary greatly from country to country based on the items you will take advantage.
Thank you for joining my giveaway and good luck! :)

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Uniqlo LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

I am fond of collecting basic clothes as a way of styling myself every day. It is quite advantageous on my end because basics help me blend to whatever occasion I am in without trying too hard. Moreover, if one can carry it well, even in simplicity, one can stand out. Talking about plain pieces, Uniqlo Philippines launched its Fall/Winter collection last July 28 in A Space Manila. The label posed diversities, improvements, and fun with its updated clothing fashion sense with due respect to every individual's uniqueness and preferences.
(Photo from Ruth dela Cruz)

Uniqlo Lifewear Fall/Winter Collection showcased 4 different clothing classifications during the launch; Essentials, Work, Sport and Travel. Essentials compose the jeans, chinos, shirts, and knitwears that everyone must have. These pieces will help one with their effortless styling suitable in every situation. Workwear embodies professionalism, style, and flexibility appropriate for every job. It focuses merely on wearer's comfortability while maintaining a minimalist approach on personal sense of fashion.
The Sport pieces are created with materials that wick away sweat, retain hear, dry quickly, block out the wind, and repel water, for breathable clothing enough to be worn through whatever activity one is in. Its functionality, fashion, and comfort will bring wonders to the wearer doing their leisure or recreational events without any hindrances. The Uniqlo Philippines' Travel section holds clothes which have the capacity to retain heat and block out the wind suitable for the wearer's provincial vacation or out-of-the-country visits.
The Kids and Baby's department is comprised of highly functional merchandise that enables children to seize the day. Each item is designed to be durable and comfortable for the kids to move along well. Each item has the capacity to prevent burdening sensitive skin and can be easily removed with its child-friendly zippers that can be easily seen. The Ines de La Fressange Collection is inspired by the fusion of bourgeois style with the Left Bank culture in the late 1960's. The concept is made possible by the combination of 2 powerful creative heads namely Ines and Uniqlo under the supervision of Uniqlo Design Director, Naoki Takizawa.
What we wear to live it deserves more thought, more simplicity, and more care. At Paris Design Center, the global design team − led by Christophe Lemaire − is reinventing basics to be anything but basic. Clothing that transcends trends and becomes an ideal expression of who we are. Every form made for function. Every element endlessly considered. Every design thoughtfully deconstructed, tested and distilled to its most essential and sophisticated. This is simply made better, at its best.

The collection was pleasing to the eyes as most of my favorite basic clothes were featured and showcased. I even bought a couple of pieces to be featured soon on my OOTD's. Also, if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events, and promotions, do not forget to check Uniqlo Philippines' Facebook page here.
Saturday, 23 July 2016

Shopback's Win-a-Wish Blog Giveaway - "My Fitness Style Template"

I gained weight out of the notion of reviewing for international nursing boards. Instead of waiting for a new year to start my resolution, I will now make an initiative to shed some pounds and achieve a fit body (why not?). Having new fitness gears are necessary. It will serve as the beginning of something strenuous but an exciting journey of toning down. Of course, my personal style must not be compromised. Out of that, I created an online shopping list of my "fitness starters" motivating me to start my fitness regimen ASAP.
 I usually buy my stuff online. In case that I need to visit a store, it is for fitting purposes only. Two advantages of shopping merchandise online are the use of coupon codes and/or websites that allow cashback after every purchase. One best example is Shopback Philippines' website. Currently, the website is running a giveaway which will grant one wish of 10 lucky individuals (below Php 10,000).  Before I will spill the beans pertaining to the giveaway, let me show you my picks on coming up with my fitness OOTD.
For my accessories and footwear, I usually browse items on Zalora. Most of the time, they are on sale so why not take advantage of it, right?
I usually wear basic tees instead of Drifit athletic clothes because I think I can move more and the styling aesthetic is on point. Sounds like hitting 2 birds with one stone, eh?
Parkas or Windbreakers will help you sweat out because it heats up your body as you do your push-ups or lift a dumbbell.
Adidas pair of running shorts has been my favorite of all time. I usually love to sport it most especially during my volleyball training for it allows me to run, dig and spike comfortably.

How will I make my wish come true? I tried my luck and joined Shopback Philippines' giveaway simply by following these steps.

First things first, you need to visit the website here. You may sign up using your personal email or Facebook account.
Once you signed up, you have the option to choose among the shops in which Shopback Philippines is affiliated with.
Once you are done, create your own style template or any merchandise templates which are important to your lifestyle. Compose a write-up why those things matter, and you are good to go. If you wish to know more about the contest details, please feel free to check the complete information here.

Going back to my story, waiting for a new year to start breaking a bad habit will look lame. If you want to achieve a personal goal, always make it to a point of beginning something. In my case, my perseverance in losing fats will start now, and for sure I will thank myself for future results.