Monday, 13 February 2017

5 Reasons why I rarely attend events + a style post!

When I was younger, attending different events was my thing. I was excited that time to meet different bloggers, to chat and get up-close with them. Moreover, freebies or loot bags of whatever items or amount somewhat encouraged me to come too. Until late last year, I have been busy with pursuing my London dreams that I was busy reviewing and processing my papers. Also, on this blog, I just want to set the record straight pertaining to the reasons why I seldom come to the brands' special day or get-together. :)
1. Unbeknownst to some, I started my IELTS review last February 2016. I failed my first attempt on May. Out of my persistence and determination, I made it last September. After an exhausting review for IELTS, I made up my mind and studied my lessons for UK Nursing Board's CBT exam. After a couple of sleepless nights, I achieved a passing score in my first take. Last Saturday, I took my UKVI exam, and I am hoping for a favorable result. Furthermore, as much as I wanted to inject an event on my schedule, I need to prioritize my biggest dream first, and that is to become a Registered Nurse in United Kingdom. :)
2. Second, I hate traffic. Most especially if the event will happen in Mall of Asia, BGC or in Makati, I would rather say no and sleep.
3. Unprofessional PR. I attended a food event before, and I experienced eating nothing (funny, isn't it?). Second, I graced a men's grooming event, and the PR provided mommy items (what the f*ck, right?). There was a lot of encounters that I have experienced before, but right at this moment, I will make sure that I will ask first before coming to an event.
4. Event's proximity to my abode. My friends who know me for years are aware that I have no patience with long travels. If the gathering's venue is accessible to any public vehicles or trains, grab/uber rides, or where my family can pick me up then I will say yes, otherwise, no.
5. The event must be related to my blog's niche. It is quite difficult to produce an article based on the occurrence that is not in line with my website (which is more about men's grooming, styling, and clothing stores opening). I would rather respond that I will not make it than come there and produce a mediocre blog. Also, I always make sure that I am putting my heart whenever I am writing a post, so as people can relate.
With this blog, I hope that there is no one who will ask me again about the causes why I am turning down events lately. :)

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Photos by my ever supportive ate - Melanie T. Dela Cruz :)
Monday, 23 January 2017

My journey to passing IELTS.

When I was younger, heading to a different nation to work was not part of my plans. One of the main reasons was I am contented with my job. Second, most of my college friends were here in the Philippines. Third, I am not ready yet. When I reached my 2_th birthday (LOL), that was when I realized that staying in the Philippines was not as practical as it can be. Also, I made a promise with my parents that I will send them annually to whatever country they love to travel, and staying here in the Philippines with my current job will not make those dreams happen.
It was around February of last year when I decided to take a chance on taking Academic IELTS. For the benefit of some of my readers, IELTS is an exam where it will measure someone's capacity to listen, read, write and speak using English as a medium of communication. It utilizes different accents depending on the country's location. In the Philippines, since we are used to American accent, the examining body will be using either British, Irish, Scottish or Australian accents on a recording (for listening subtest) to gauge the level of examinee's hearing skills. On reading subtest, there will be 3 long stories with corresponding questions to discern how far one can comprehend. On writing subtest, it is divided into 2; the first part is to interpret a table (or any form of charts), and the second half is to make an essay out of a question. This subtest is limited to 60 minutes (so it is up to you on how you will manage your time). The last subtest is Speaking, one will be assigned to either a Filipino, British, or Australian examiner who will ask one about a series of random questions. 
Going back, it took me 3 attempts before I passed this exam. The reason why it was so difficult to ace this test was due to the level of English standard in our country. It was so high that achieving a mark of 7 in all subtests was never easy. I failed 2 attempts here in the Philippines and decided to try my luck in Vietnam where I got my desired scores. It was in Hanoi that I have learned a lot of lessons. It gave me a lot of memories that made me excited about life and my journey heading to the United Kingdom.
In accordance with the reality, one should read a lot of English newspapers to enhance one's competency. Writing practice is a necessity as it will intensify one's way of thinking. Also, a set of discipline, perseverance, hardwork and prayers is the key to success. From there, the Universe will conspire to one's triumph.
A quick reminder, everything will start with a dream. It is only up to you if you will make your aspirations come true. Fight for your dreams and make it happen. You will thank yourself later! :)

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Photos by Ate Lanie

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

10 Fun Facts/Secrets About Me

I rarely share something about me on social media because I am always thinking about my own privacy. Although it is not bad to share some pieces of me for my readers, I think revealing some fun facts about me will not hurt a bit. 
1. My most favorite vegetables are Brocolli and Cauliflower. Why? These veggies have loads of vitamins and minerals that will complete your daily meal.
2. I only eat 2 kinds of fruits; Pineapple and Watermelon. Nothing more, nothing less.
3. I also do not like Okra and Eggplant because of their slimy texture.
4. I am a frustrated singer/dancer just like Ne-yo, Justin Timberlake or Mario.
5. I used to weigh 180lbs when I was in high school. Good thing, hormones worked and helped me grew taller and lost excess flabs.
6. I will choose hard liquor over beer. The latter always make me wasted every party. Also, I hate being drunk because I will speak English with accents I cannot even remember saying when the morning comes. Lol!
7. My ultimate volleyball crush is Saori Sakoda.
8. I almost ended up being a MassCom student, but my parents enrolled me in a Nursing program.
9. I do not know how to swim and ride a bike. These are the reasons why I am unable to try doing short-distance marathon. Very unfortunate, right? Lol!
10. I am a huge fan of black loafers. When I received the package from Mario D' Boro, I am thrilled to walk using the pairs. Each pair of shoes was really comfortable on my feet, as I did my errands for the day. Moreover, you can check every style on SM Malls, Ayala Malls and other stores nearest you. The prices range to Php 899 - Php 1499 depending on the style. I will be doing another round of OOTD's wearing my Mario D' Boro shoes, please stay tuned!
Details: Eyeglasses (Sunnies Studios), Shirt and Pants (Uniqlo Philippines), Watch (Daniel Wellington), Loafers (Mario D' Boro)

I hope you enjoy discovering some information about me. I will do another blog post soon! :)

Photos by Ate Melanie T. dela Cruz
Friday, 6 January 2017

8 Things I have learned out of Cooking.

Cooking has been one of my favorite hobbies because this is when I feel independent. This is when I can make people happy and contented because of the dishes I will be serving. Aside from the refreshing sensation after each cooking, it gives me life lessons that I never imagined realizing, that there is more to life than just making out meals. 
1. Patience. Cooking is never an easy job. This is why it will give you a lot of patience to create and finish a dish.
2. It will teach you how to be careful. Making out a food in a rush is not a fine idea. It will possibly make the meal too salty, sour, bitter or sweet, and never on point. Out of that, the people might feel disappointed on what they will eat.
3. Never be too emotional. In cooking, my mom once told me that I must not create meals when I am sad because there's an instance that the food might not taste well. In short, stay out of the kitchen if I am about to sob.
4. Always maintain cleanliness. Hygiene is always a top priority even if one is not cooking.
5. There are always second chances. You might never hit the jackpot if you will cook a dish for the first time, that is why you need to repeat doing it. Second chances and perfection come hand in hand and are applicable in life.
6. Less is more. Not because a recipe book tells you to put all the ingredients in the pot, it will never guarantee a good taste. Most of the time, minimal or enough cooking components are enough to achieve the taste everyone is looking forward to munch on. 
7. It will hone your instincts. When measuring cups are out of hand, one will resort to just rely on one's cooking instincts. It will develop your skills in figuring things out most especially if resources are not sufficient.
8. It enriches one's soul. Cooking is not more about making the best dishes. It is more about feeling good about yourself after creating food that everyone loves. It is a little accomplishment that augments one's skills and personality.
Cooking has been one of the most exciting activities one might engage in. It will not only help you become the better person, but it also helps you taking good care of the people that surround you.

Photos by: Ate Lanie