Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Why we must not give a F**k about bloggers with fake followers.

Yesterday, I have read an online write-up about the blogger's opinions pertaining to certain website writers with fake followers. I was amazed on how brave he was educating people about the negative effects of that scenario to brands, PR companies, and to the young citizens looking up to their idols. Although he came up with strong arguments, I think this issue was beyond our control. Why? It is because no matter how we try to lay every information on the table, the decisions will still be coming from the labels and the individuals behind it.
Instead of grieving over the spilled milk and be envious over our neighbor's success, I think it is the best time for us to hone our crafts even more. It is the right moment to create unique contents, sharpen our looks, and never forget to send proposals to the brands we love to work with. Social media's numbers may give statistical relevance but nothing beats honesty and self-respect.
Seriously, I have nothing against these people as some of them are close to me but I cannot deny the fact that cheating is not a good sport to excel. One may have thousands of followers and likes he/she wants, but everything will be evident on followers' interactions and reactions to your posts. I will always admire bloggers who worked hard on their accounts and will always look up to them. Whenever someone asks for my opinion on who to follow, I always refer their accounts. 
Details: Cap (Reebok), Tee (Mall of Korea), Watch (Casio), Pants (Uniqlo Philippines) and Boots (Milanos).
  Our energy is limited so we need to come up with ideas on how we can improve ourselves and be the better person. At the end of the day, we are only making fool of ourselves out of cheating. 

Have a great day ahead! :)

Photos by Angel Tacbad

Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Abercrombie and Fitch's First Instinct Launch

Scents are a huge part of men's grooming necessities. Most of us use it not to impress people with the way we smell, but we just want to let people know that hygiene is one of our priorities too. Being a blogger, I have different fragrances that I think will match every event. I have one for outdoor events, another one for an indoor event with a huge crowd, and my most favorite scent is assigned for intimate gatherings or meetings. One perfume that stands out for me is Abercrombie and Fitch's First Instinct developed exclusively by Inter Parfums.
I know this may sound exaggerated, but as you spray the scent, imagine the explosion of feelings from love at first sight. When 2 people come closer and the spark ignites as they make their initial connection. This is what Abercrombie and Fitch's First Instinct is all about. 
The man who wears "First Instinct" is naturally sexy, confident, and not afraid to express his deepest feelings. A rugged risk taker, he is sure to capture you with his energy and effortless charm. First Instinct will transport the wearer and his partner back to that place when the chemistry was first felt, and their attraction first took hold. With a base of amber and musk, Szechuan pepper in the mid-notes, and gin and tonic and melon to finish off the sensory experience in the top notes, First Instinct is a modern masculine blend. 

Rooted in Abercrombie and Fitch's heritage, the package demonstrates an attention to detail. The clean bottle shape features a unique design element, in an undulated surface on the front and back, whilst the clear glass lets the slate hue of the fragrance come through. The silver accents in the textured utilitarian metal cap and branded plate on one side of the bottle, give the packaging a strong style statment
Fragrance Family: Fougere Aromatic Amber. Blended for the man who lives by his first instinct, this modern sensual fougere oriental boasts an extremely layered masculine new construction. Sexy, addictive and irresistible. 

Top. Electric gin and tonic combined with Kiwano Melon jumpstarted the scent amplifying the moment, the excitement, the adrenaline and fresh, youthful optimism.
Mid. Szechuan pepper ignites the spark to heat up the magnetic attraction while violet leaves bring depth and an interesting citrus twist to capture warm textured masculinity.
Base. Sueded mask sensually mingles with sleek raw amber building an exciting tension and pure addiction that can not be stopped.
If there is one prescribed perfume for hardworking guys, I think Abercrombie and Fitch's First Instinct will suit everyone. This scent is now available at select SM Dept Stores and at the following Fresh Outlets; Alabang Town Center, Marquee Mall, Lucky China Mall Town, Glorietta 5, The District Cavite, The District Bacolod, Centrio Mall, Ayala Center Cebu, Century City Mall, Eastwood Mall, Ayala Fairview Terraces and Abreeza Mall Davao.

If you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings and events, you may check Abercrombie and Fitch's Facebook page here.
Saturday, 10 September 2016

Converse Philippines Counter Climate Scene

When I was a kid, owning a pair of Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell or Cons was a necessity. Aside from my old training rubber shoes, I owned 2-3 different colors of these type of sneakers to match with my childhood outfits and daily encounters. As I grew up, I never thought that the shoes' classical designs and layouts will stay the same, injecting a series of innovations that will adapt to the fashionable and quality demands of its patrons and the weather. Speaking of improvements, Converse Philippines launched its water resistant lines called the Counter Climate last September 5th, 2016 in Sky High Bar in Ace Hotel and Suites.  
There are three classifications of the sneakers that complete the entire collection: Shield Canvas, Rubber, and High-Cut. These pairs are designed for the unpredictable and rainy weathers which are suitable in Manila. Moreover, the Shield Canvas kicks are given a durable water repellant treatment which enables the wearer to conquer wet season.
One thing that caught my attention was the Counter Climate sneakers' lunarlon bed/sock-liners. This will enable any wearer to go on long walks without complaining of aching feet. Furthermore, the non-slip padded tongue, micro-suede lining, and some other vital materials can help withstand the changes in seasons or climates. Also, seeing each pair in person is a must so as you can check, touch, and experience the wonders of Converse innovations.
Each Counter Climate pair will be available to any leading Shoe and Converse Stores nationwide. Each pair will cost around Php 4550. Also, if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events, and promos, you may want to check their Facebook page here.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sneaker Box Manila's Launch

A pair of sneakers is one of my go-to essentials in styling myself. It is actually a necessity most especially for fashion-forward guys. Why? There are days that we are quite lazy dressing up, and with sneakers, we can wear the most basic and comfortable clothes effortlessly. Talking about sneakers, one of the latest shoe store, Sneaker Box Manila, opened its first branch in Promenade, Greenhills last September 3rd. It carries different Jordan's shoes and other limited edition sneakers across the globe.
Being one of the first persons who witnessed the opening of the store, I cannot help but checked out some sneakers and picked my favorites. Although some sneakers were overwhelmingly costly, there were some that were quite affordable. The costliest pair is around 12k and the cheapest one is around 3k+. Aside from Nike and Adidas, the store is carrying brands like Saucony, Asics, New Balance, and a lot more. 
Also, you can arrange pre-orders with the store too. If you are eyeing for a pair of shoes which is not yet available in the Philippines, just tell them the model, brand, and your shoe size so they can have it delivered in the store for you to pick it up. How cool is that?
Aside from these sneakers, they are also partnered with Happy Socks which is currently available now in their store. Moreover, if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, promos, and events, you may check their Facebook page here.

So what are you guys waiting for? Get up and raid the store now! :)