Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sad News.

I am not a stalker not until I became interested to this sweet gal. I really liked her a lot and finally gathered the strength to ask her for a date. Apparently, I saw her Instagram photo together with a guy. Honestly, they looked good together but I wished it was me. It was quite funny because I ate what I have blogged before. I thought that knowing her from afar will be fine but today was a different story.
I thought this love month will be in my favor but it was not. Although, I am quite hurt deep inside but there was no reason to be bitter. She will still be my crush but my stalking time on her account will be diminished from now on (I sounded bitter on this one, haha). I will still be inspired looking at her on her social media account. No pressure, I just want to get a daily dose of happiness.
Details: Cap (New Era Cap Ph), Hoodie (Uniqlo Ph), Shirt (Topman Ph), Shorts (Straightforward Clothing) and Loafers (Milanos
It may be a sad news but I am still looking on the brighter side. Hopefully, I will find the right one based on my preferences. On that very moment, I will find the best way to get her!

Photos by Rudolph Lopez
Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Hey, Crush!

I have been seeing this person through events for a long time. Although we are not that close, I think she is a sweet gal. Lately, I have been stalking her Facebook account and decided to follow her on Instagram too. The best thing about having an inspiration is that I am motivated daily to come to school and study well.
Before I will start my day, I usually take a moment to visit her Facebook account to get a daily dose of happiness. I make it to a point to avoid leaving a comment or liking all her photos to avoid being too obvious. To be honest, I do not have the courage to leave a personal message to state my appreciation to her. I am contented seeing her on pictures, nothing more and nothing less.
Details: Top (Zalora Ph), Pants (Uniqlo Ph), Socks (Happy Socks Ph) and Dessert Boots (Milanos Shoes).
Just like a typical wish of an admirer is to see her crush every day but I know it will never happen because we are not on the same neighborhood. For now, what is important is that she is doing fine. Hopefully one day, she will notice me and ask me how am I doing. I am hoping that day will happen as soon as possible.

Photos by JC Bori

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fun way to Shop on!

Online shopping has been one of the easiest ways for me to look for what clothes to wear. Being a busy student, roaming around inside the malls will consume much of my time that is why I always check what is available online. Recently, I found a cashback type of site which enables me to shop virtually and save a lot by having rebates. The one that I am talking about is
The website is very easy to navigate. In a way that you can easily check what they are offering and what kinds of rebates you will be receiving based on your purchase. The steps on signing up are quite easy, let me walk you through if you are having a hard time.
First of all, you need to sign up using your email address or your facebook account. On the upper right corner, you will see your name. You have the time to edit your personal details, banking information in which your money will be transferred and some settings based on your preferences. Beside your name is where you can find the amount of the rebates based on the percentage of online purchases.
After you signed up, you will see a lot of websites where you may plan to surf. Just choose whatever virtual stores you want to visit like ASOS, Lazada and a lot more. Click on the name then you are good to go! After the order is completed, kindly wait for 75 days for you to redeem and use the cashback in the future.
Let me share to you my shopping experience. After I signed up, I visited Zalora to look for a sweater for the cold weather. I found a gradient sweatshirt on its best price. Since the stock was very limited, I did not hesitate to purchase it right away!
Payment options on Zalora's website can either be through credit/debit cards or cash on delivery. Whatever is the most convenient for you, it is your call to do it. On my end, I used a credit card just to make transactions easier.
Tadaaaaa! When the transaction was completed, the rebate already reflected on my account without a sweat! I earned 12% of my purchase straight to my's account. Also, you will earn more than 12% cashback and can use exclusive coupon codes to add more discounts to your purchase!

To end this post, let me give you a sneak peak of my OOTD wearing what I bought using!
Also, ShopBack site is currently having a Valentine's day promo here! You will enjoy a cashback up to 12% plus a Valentine's day sale up to 90! Isn't it amazing? 

Stay tuned for the full details of my OOTD! You may visit to experience online shopping with cool rebates!
Sunday, 24 January 2016

About being matured.

At some point in time, we will suddenly realize that we are no longer young. We have to make decisions not just for ourselves but for the people relying on us. I know it is weird to share about what I am reflecting right now but it is a part of a cycle of being matured and responsible. Meaning, we need to create good decisions now to make the best fortune in the future. 
As of now, I am quite focused on my career growth that's why I started to take a short course to improve my learnings. My need to learn pushed me hard to fulfill my dreams in life. My goal was not just to help myself but my family.
 Details: Shirt and Shorts (Straightforward Clothing) and Shoes (Nike Ph)
Today is the right day to make things right. Invest for your future. Study while you can. Lastly, never forget to have fun. For sure, you will ace out your future without a sweat.

Photos by Drew Salas

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Schooling ain't over.

Look who is back to school again? Yes, sir! It is fun that I tend to write something again on notebooks, listen to good professors and stay up all night working on assignments and reviews. I cannot believe that studying will be harder the second time around but I am deeply hoping that it will be worth it in the end.
I do not want to sound like having a lot of excuses but my studies are my top priority as of the moment. Being a student is quite hard because I need to juggle sports, studies and social life. So for today, this is my typical school outfit. Nothing fancy, just a typical kid coming to class working his ass out. 
Details: Cardigan and Pants (Uniqlo Ph), Shirt (H&M), Backpack (Elcid Ph) and Dunks (Nike Ph)

Just a shoutout, Elcid is a 100% Pinoy start-up brand. For every purchase of their bag, another school bag will be given to a kid in need. Sounds cool, right? 
For now, one of my main concerns is to be one of the bests inside my class and to nail the final exam. This semester is starting awesome and I cannot wait for the following days to come. Just a piece of advice, study hard and avoid cutting class. 

Photos by Rudolph Lopez