Thursday, 23 June 2016

Which Gola Are you?

If there is one pair of shoes that is important to everyone, I think a pair of sneakers will seal the job. Being a blogger, I need to have a casual pair that will suit my personality as I walk down the streets, hang-out with my friends or grace an event. Not until recently, Gola released its different take on styles featuring its hippiest lifestyle collection which will turn out to be a perfect gear for everyone's #OOTD.
Being one of the leading players in footwear retail, Gola makes sure that the designs will represent different moods and personalities which will holistically compliment the taste, outfit and unique individualities of its wearers. Moreover, the brand respects the past styles combining it with the modern shoe designs creating a successful fusion. As the label stays on in the competitive shoe market, it strengthens its 2 trademark shoes which are the Harrier and Bullet. The former maintains its original and classical design which keeps better and better as seasons go by. The latter celebrates its 40th anniversary as the top-selling training shoes in the footwear business. On top of its 2 original sneakers, the brand also comes up with 4 distinct looks for its patrons which are the Classic, Sporty, Trendy, and Edgy.

Gola's Classic pieces channel a simple and laid back vibe. Its designs are made for basic outfitters which provide style and comfort at the same time. The classic footwear feature single-color toned sneakers with a breathable or monochromatic outsole that denote enduring timelessness. The Sporty sneakers have striking colors for a more athletic vibe enabling each fitness enthusiasts to workout even more with its road-hugging rubber soles. The Trendy type comes up with artsy designs which deviate to a classical norm of sneakers' outlook presenting flowers or abstract motifs. The 4th model is the Edgy collection gearing up a set of playful and offbeat patterns. These pairs are created for people taking bold risks and not afraid to stand out with their own definition of fashion.
Whatever your styling option is, there will always be a Gola pair that will match your individuality!

The Gola Sneakers are available in Selected SM, Bambu Stores, and Trinoma Landmark. 

For more information about the latest trends, updates, promos and giveaways, you may check Gola's Facebook page here. You may also check their official website which is!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Chuck the bad blogger friends away.

In the blogging world, you will meet different types of blogger friends; the one who seriously worries about you, the one who uses you, and the one who secretly hates you. First things first, you need to make sure that you know yourself. There is no way that you can meticulously scrutinize someone if you do not know your strengths and weaknesses. From then, you can easily determine who among your social media friends are true to you versus the one faking everything up.
I am not undergoing a series of friend break-ups or what not, I am just observant about the things that are happening in every event. The moral lesson is, you can socialize with everyone but not all of them are your confidants. Be with a group or someone that you are comfortable with and can help you freely express yourself about everything. Finding a true companion in blogging is like finding a gem in an Arab dessert. It might be too difficult but it is all worth it in the end.
Details: Eyeglasses (Sunnies Studios), Tee and Pants (Uniqlo Philippines) and Sneakers (Converse Ph
Blogging and gaining friends are not easy tasks. Three of thousands major key points are staying grounded, being real and being consistent with your chosen field. This will help you find the right people who will truly have your back until the end 

Also, special shoutout to Converse family for my pair of All-Star Summer Woven Sneakers! It has a unique canvas weave structure which is hand woven and gives the wearer a feeling of comfort. This collection is available in 2 colors, the first pair of shoes is the one I am wearing on this OOTD (Dolphin) and the second is a combination of black, grey, and white (White Multi). These shoes are now available in any Converse stores nationwide.

Suggested Retail Price: Php 3990 for Low Cut and Php 4390 for Hi-Cut.

Photos by Angel Tacbad

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What Uniqlo Items to give for Father's Day?

Being the only son in the family, I see my Dad as the strongest and the most hardworking father I know. Although we do not have a close relationship in comparison with my mom due to his previous work as a Marine Engineer, we always make it to a point of having each other's back all of the time. With the upcoming Father's Day, I am thinking of several clothes that he may like to wear on this special occasion. Good thing, Uniqlo Philippines has a lot of merchandise to choose from. From Basic tees and Polos, all the way down to Cargo Shorts, I think he will be surprised with the items I shopped for him.
First things first, I was given a checklist to come up with the best outfit for my Dad. Since me and my daddy-yo are into basic clothes (same shirt size too), we are used to borrowing each other's shirts and work our way to some occasions we will be heading to. Even though I knew my dad's clothing preference for years, I needed to make him delighted and surprised at the same time.
The brand, Uniqlo Ph has prepared a special gift guide for our Super Dads. All Uniqlo Lifewear pieces are highly functional , durable and innovative.

The Dashing Hardworking Dad. Long-Sleeve Polos are the highly recommended workwear for fathers who are busy working for their families. Each piece is wrinkle-resistant that whatever activities he is engaged in, the wearer will look fresh. The clothes are made with fine-weave Oxford fabric that are best partnered with Men's Vintage Regular Fit Chino Pants and Italian Leather belt.
Dad who loves to Hangout. The Dry Pique Polo Shirt features a distinctive DRY technology which will turn out to be perfect for weekend family trips. It dries sweat quickly and suppresses odors without hindering dad's participation on family activities.
The Adventurous Dad. The perfect fit for sporty fathers is Uniqlo Dry Ex Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Each piece is designed for easy movement even in warm weathers making the wearer comfortable. Each piece can quickly absorb sweats too.
Dads who bring comfort. AIRism clothes are made up of ultra-fine fibers which turn out to be the perfect clothes for Fathers who constantly give warmth to the entire family. It has an anti-odor function to keep the wearer fresh and comfortable all day long.
 Dads who are always on the Go. To Fathers who leisurely like to roam around with his family, Uniqlo's Big T-Shirts are the right set of clothes to put on. These clothing are the perfect combination with Cargo Chambray Shorts which are made with durable materials. These cargo shorts feature an elastic waist that makes it easy for men to wear. 
 After I picked the right clothes for my dad, I asked him to wear it and tried to take his OOTD but he refused. He said that he was quite thankful for the early gifts I gave him but he was too shy to have his picture taken. Honestly, I felt rewarded because my big guy loved his new clothes. 

Anyhow, if you want to be in the loop on the latest happenings, events and sales, please visit Uniqlo's Facebook page here. You can also visit the official website of Uniqlo here.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Step up your game at Watsons

Style blogging has been one of the most competitive fields I am in. I have to admit that being a style blogger, I need to have a smooth skin which enables me to face people on or off events. One reason why I have a grooming kit, this helps me prevent skin breakdown that may alter my personal appearance. I am not blabbering about being vain, I am pertaining to being presentable most of the time. With Watson Philippines' 175th anniversary, they are giving back to their patrons with discounts up to 50% on selected grooming necessities that will run until June 22nd.
One problem that every lad is facing is the set of grooming products that he will use. There are some items that will work wonders while there are some which will not. With the wide array of merchandise Watsons has, men can come inside the store, explore, ask, seek assistance, and shop around. An easy shopping experience for every hardworking man.
Watsons provides a special area for grooming must-haves to help guys decide the best for them like having a cost-effective and useful item in one. This encourages the customer, most especially the hardworking professionals and self-conscious young adults to always step up their game and be at their optimal physical appearance. The store carries merchandise from Adidas, Pond's Men, Old Spice and a lot more!
As I completed my checklist on what grooming essentials I needed, I headed straight to the cashier area, greeted warmly and even heard of sale suggestions from the counter ladies. I picked the right items and I will try to come up with grooming blog/s about it.
For more information about the upcoming events, sales and promotions, do not forget to like Watsons' Facebook Page here

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Kojie Men's #SaktongPogi Essentials

Just like women, men are becoming more conscious about how we look. We always make it to a point to come up with a grooming kit or essentials that will help us look more dashing and on-point. Not until recently, Kojie San comes up with a skincare line for Men making them the new generation's #SaktongPogi! The new skin care line for men addresses the grooming and hygiene needs of guys hailing from different races and colors. 
There are 4 different types of must-have merchandise for guys; The Kojie San's Whitening Soap, CellActive-Men Soap, Facial Wash, and Whitening Body Wash. 

Kojiesan Men Whitening Soap should be rightly combined with the Whitening Face Wash so as it will gently exfoliate dead skin cells to an enhanced skin complexion. This combo controls oil, deeply cleanses, tightens pores and helps users achieve a fresher and younger skin.
 If one do not want to resort in using solid soap on washing one's body, one may use Kojie San's body wash. It cleanses and takes off dirt without drying skin through its moisturizing capabilities. It will make one's skin supple, healthier, and smoother.
Guys who have an active lifestyle should not fret as the label comes up with soap called CellActive-Men. This removes body odor in an instant giving less chances of having unwanted smell during getaway or date night.
It takes a lot of skin-caring to achieve the #SaktongPogi status but with the help of Kojie San's product, everything will be at hand.

If you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings and event about the brand, just check out their Facebook page here. Do not forget to post your #SaktongPogi stories with that hashtag and tag @kojiesanph.