Monday, 23 May 2016

Post 8-hour volleyball experience.

Yesterday's games turned out to be my longest volleyball playing time, it was an 8-hour digging, spiking and tossing experience. It made my body so sore that right at this very moment, my quadriceps are shouting at me to rest or take a pain medication. One of the reasons why I agreed to the idea of playing a third share of my day was due to a 2-week rest from studies and reviews. It was never easy to pass on a week without playing volleyball. Good thing, I had an opportunity to have fun yesterday.
In the afternoon, I played as an opposite hitter or outside spiker depending on the team's decision and rotation. Unluckily, when I started playing based on the given position, I had some mishits. I think my body was adjusting that time because 2 weeks of no plays or training turned my body out of shape. Good thing, I was able to cope up after 2-3 games. 
Details: Cap (Penshoppe), Shirt and Joggers (Uniqlo Ph Sports), Gym Bag (Adidas) and Slippers (Forever 21)
Although my body was not giving me any permission to move right now, my passion for playing volleyball will never cease. It was not about the sports alone, it was all about my dedication with the sport. It was more of the lessons behind of learning and playing volleyball that opened and will open doors for me and my teammates in the near future.

Photos by Lian Nido
Sunday, 15 May 2016

Daylong Giveaway

June is fast approaching and most of the students will be gearing up for another school year full of learnings and activities. Although summer is not yet over, I know most of you still have plans for having a last Beach getaway hurrah! I have one question, is your skin protected from UV rays? If not let me introduce you Daylong, one of my most favorite Sunblocks with a 50+ SPF. Aside from my beach or pool hangouts, I still use this product just to make sure that my skin is protected all time. Its non-sticky and non-greasy feeling + proven effects will definitely make wonders on one's integumentary system!
I know most of you are excited on my blog giveaway! Here is the full mechanics:

1. Please like Daylong Ph and Sef Tiburcio's Facebook Pages.
2. Follow @daylongph and @seftiburcio's IG accounts.
3. Post an Instagram picture of any Summer-related happenings, Summer Dream Destinations, beach getaways in which you can bring Daylong products with you. If you cannot think of any, you may Regram my Instagram picture.
4. Do not forget to tag Cetaphil and Sef Tiburcio on the post with the hashtag #EverydaySkinArmor and #DaylongPhXSef.
5. The contest's winner will be announced on May 31, 2015 at 11:59PM.

Prize: One Daylong Sunblock (50ml) plus a limited edition Tote Bag (resembles like LongChamp).

Go guys, you know the drill! 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Forever 21's Summer Rhythm

It was like a stroll down memory lane as Forever 21 unveiled their 2016 Summer Collection inspired by Retro Fever, free-spirited Bjorn in 90's and pastel-colored dreams. Being recognized as one of the leading streetwear retailers in the world, the brand provided a chic modern twist on the decade that was synonymous with grunge-punk trends offering tattoo choker necklaces, cropped cuts, tie-dye, daisy and sunflower prints, acid wash denim, and overalls.
The girl's department showcased a wide array of styles ranging from basic over pastel hues, neutrals partnered with vague patterns and colorful floral prints matched with denim. It emphasized the idea of every girl's styling attitudes revealing their carefree and playful characters. Moreover, each clothing comes in different patterns which suited every gal's unique taste in formulating outfit combos.
The men's attire centered over denim being combined with pastel palettes, basic, and neutral tees and outerwear. Each outfit was styled with being outgoing, adventurous and ready to have fun moods. A great way of summer outfit suggestions without trying too hard.
Forever 21 also launched its Style Insider service which promoted an all-inclusive personal styling and shopping service for free. This will help the shopper to discern one's body type and the clothes that will fit. This will turn out to be a walk in the park shopping experience for every patron supporting the brand. This service is now available to all Forever 21 stores nationwide.  
If you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings and events, please feel free visit the brand's Facebook page here.

Do not forget to use the official hashtag: #StyledByForever21 #F21StyleInsider
Friday, 6 May 2016

My Real life friends.

It was a couple of years back when I was announced as one of the alumni of Nursing College of Far Eastern University. It was surreal that after a series of dance competitions and academic contests I have gone through with my friends, we survived. We had our worst and best days in college and seriously enough, this friendship (for 8 years and counting) was well-sculpted by the test of time.
We were once part of different dance competing organizations inside our university like FEU Street Dance, FEU Cheering and some were former members of Theater Guild until all of us decided to join INTAC (Institute of Nursing Theater Arts Committee). In full honesty, I am very stubborn when I had my first audition for the group because of  my credentials in dancing but this family taught me how to be humble and respectful. It was a start of a never-ending bonding between me and these crazy people whom I truly love!
Details: Sunnies (Sprinto Philippines), Shirt (Uniqlo Philippines), Shorts (Straightforward Clothing), Shoes (Zalora Ph)
Let me present you my best buddies of all time!
 Jobo, Gary, King and Yours Truly!
Gia, Kim, Tatch, Hannah and Ghail.

If there is one thing that I am thankful enough, it will be meeting these guys. They made my college life like a walk in the park that without them, I will end up exhausted and quit studying. I will always be proud of these guys!

Monday, 2 May 2016

6 Reasons To Join Color Manila’s Blacklight Run

I have heard about a colorful fun run before but I opted not to join because I do not want sweat and colors to be mixed up together and produce an irritating smell. Not until I saw tons of pictures on how lively and fun the after run party was. Not until this April in which I opted to grace the event and signed up for a 10K run to experience the fun. Aside from my personal reason, let me share 6 best reasons why you need to register and party with this Black light run.
Colors Running can be boring—and once in a while, it helps to add a bit of variety into the mix. For Color Manila, as the name implies, it’s all about the hues. Whether you opt for the 10K, 5K or 3K, you can be sure to enjoy a unique running event amid filled with neon colors.

It’s At Night - Not a morning person? No problem. Since the Blacklight Run is happening at night, you don’t need to worry about waking up early or running under the heat of the sun. Color Manila makes this night run even more spectacular through the colors they’d be using – the colors would glow in the dark, thanks to the black light that would illuminate the entire race route.
Go At Your Own PaceThe focus here is fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a running pro who can easily complete 10K in a blink, or a newbie just dipping your toe in the world of running, it’s the perfect event to get started. Piece of advice – just enjoy the race route.

Get Social For those who are always on the look out for something new and exciting things to do in the city, the Blacklight Run creates a perfect venue to get into shape, bond with family and friends, and of course, meet new people.
For FitnessWhile undeniably fun, you’re still bound to reap the benefits of exercise. Challenge yourself and see if you can beat your time and distance, or choose to take in the colorful sights at a pace you’re comfortable with—either way, you’ll feel better about having joined and finished it.

It’s For A CauseMore than organizing the coolest fun runs in the country, Color Manila sees to it to give back to the community through the Color Manila Foundation (CMF). Inspired by the hues of the rainbow, CMF commits to support the following causes: Medical Missions, Arts and Creativity, Health and Fitness, Mother Nature, Education, Innovation, and Disaster Response. Clearly, Color Manila is an organization with a huge heart.

Amped up for the race yet? Be sure to visit to sign up and get your race kits before May 28, 2016.