Monday, 23 January 2017

My journey to passing IELTS.

When I was younger, heading to a different nation to work was not part of my plans. One of the main reasons was I am contented with my job. Second, most of my college friends were here in the Philippines. Third, I am not ready yet. When I reached my 2_th birthday (LOL), that was when I realized that staying in the Philippines was not as practical as it can be. Also, I made a promise with my parents that I will send them annually to whatever country they love to travel, and staying here in the Philippines with my current job will not make those dreams happen.
It was around February of last year when I decided to take a chance on taking Academic IELTS. For the benefit of some of my readers, IELTS is an exam where it will measure someone's capacity to listen, read, write and speak using English as a medium of communication. It utilizes different accents depending on the country's location. In the Philippines, since we are used to American accent, the examining body will be using either British, Irish, Scottish or Australian accents on a recording (for listening subtest) to gauge the level of examinee's hearing skills. On reading subtest, there will be 3 long stories with corresponding questions to discern how far one can comprehend. On writing subtest, it is divided into 2; the first part is to interpret a table (or any form of charts), and the second half is to make an essay out of a question. This subtest is limited to 60 minutes (so it is up to you on how you will manage your time). The last subtest is Speaking, one will be assigned to either a Filipino, British, or Australian examiner who will ask one about a series of random questions. 
Going back, it took me 3 attempts before I passed this exam. The reason why it was so difficult to ace this test was due to the level of English standard in our country. It was so high that achieving a mark of 7 in all subtests was never easy. I failed 2 attempts here in the Philippines and decided to try my luck in Vietnam where I got my desired scores. It was in Hanoi that I have learned a lot of lessons. It gave me a lot of memories that made me excited about life and my journey heading to the United Kingdom.
In accordance with the reality, one should read a lot of English newspapers to enhance one's competency. Writing practice is a necessity as it will intensify one's way of thinking. Also, a set of discipline, perseverance, hardwork and prayers is the key to success. From there, the Universe will conspire to one's triumph.
A quick reminder, everything will start with a dream. It is only up to you if you will make your aspirations come true. Fight for your dreams and make it happen. You will thank yourself later! :)

Details: Shirt and Belt (Uniqlo Philippines), Watch (Daniel Wellington), Shorts (Giordano Philippines), and Loafers (Mario D' Boro)

Photos by Ate Lanie


  1. Hi! Nice Blog! I am just wondering though, how your pictures are related to your post.

    1. Actually, ootd lang to! Sumegway lang talaga ako ng story para di naman boring di ba? God bless!

  2. Hi, I would like to ask if pano po yung TRF? Sinend nlng po nila dito sa philippines? Thank you po