Friday, 6 January 2017

8 Things I have learned out of Cooking.

Cooking has been one of my favorite hobbies because this is when I feel independent. This is when I can make people happy and contented because of the dishes I will be serving. Aside from the refreshing sensation after each cooking, it gives me life lessons that I never imagined realizing, that there is more to life than just making out meals. 
1. Patience. Cooking is never an easy job. This is why it will give you a lot of patience to create and finish a dish.
2. It will teach you how to be careful. Making out a food in a rush is not a fine idea. It will possibly make the meal too salty, sour, bitter or sweet, and never on point. Out of that, the people might feel disappointed on what they will eat.
3. Never be too emotional. In cooking, my mom once told me that I must not create meals when I am sad because there's an instance that the food might not taste well. In short, stay out of the kitchen if I am about to sob.
4. Always maintain cleanliness. Hygiene is always a top priority even if one is not cooking.
5. There are always second chances. You might never hit the jackpot if you will cook a dish for the first time, that is why you need to repeat doing it. Second chances and perfection come hand in hand and are applicable in life.
6. Less is more. Not because a recipe book tells you to put all the ingredients in the pot, it will never guarantee a good taste. Most of the time, minimal or enough cooking components are enough to achieve the taste everyone is looking forward to munch on. 
7. It will hone your instincts. When measuring cups are out of hand, one will resort to just rely on one's cooking instincts. It will develop your skills in figuring things out most especially if resources are not sufficient.
8. It enriches one's soul. Cooking is not more about making the best dishes. It is more about feeling good about yourself after creating food that everyone loves. It is a little accomplishment that augments one's skills and personality.
Cooking has been one of the most exciting activities one might engage in. It will not only help you become the better person, but it also helps you taking good care of the people that surround you.

Photos by: Ate Lanie

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