Tuesday, 17 January 2017

10 Fun Facts/Secrets About Me

I rarely share something about me on social media because I am always thinking about my own privacy. Although it is not bad to share some pieces of me for my readers, I think revealing some fun facts about me will not hurt a bit. 
1. My most favorite vegetables are Brocolli and Cauliflower. Why? These veggies have loads of vitamins and minerals that will complete your daily meal.
2. I only eat 2 kinds of fruits; Pineapple and Watermelon. Nothing more, nothing less.
3. I also do not like Okra and Eggplant because of their slimy texture.
4. I am a frustrated singer/dancer just like Ne-yo, Justin Timberlake or Mario.
5. I used to weigh 180lbs when I was in high school. Good thing, hormones worked and helped me grew taller and lost excess flabs.
6. I will choose hard liquor over beer. The latter always make me wasted every party. Also, I hate being drunk because I will speak English with accents I cannot even remember saying when the morning comes. Lol!
7. My ultimate volleyball crush is Saori Sakoda.
8. I almost ended up being a MassCom student, but my parents enrolled me in a Nursing program.
9. I do not know how to swim and ride a bike. These are the reasons why I am unable to try doing short-distance marathon. Very unfortunate, right? Lol!
10. I am a huge fan of black loafers. When I received the package from Mario D' Boro, I am thrilled to walk using the pairs. Each pair of shoes was really comfortable on my feet, as I did my errands for the day. Moreover, you can check every style on SM Malls, Ayala Malls and other stores nearest you. The prices range to Php 899 - Php 1499 depending on the style. I will be doing another round of OOTD's wearing my Mario D' Boro shoes, please stay tuned!
Details: Eyeglasses (Sunnies Studios), Shirt and Pants (Uniqlo Philippines), Watch (Daniel Wellington), Loafers (Mario D' Boro)

I hope you enjoy discovering some information about me. I will do another blog post soon! :)

Photos by Ate Melanie T. dela Cruz

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