Saturday, 31 December 2016

Year 2016: My Year of Defeats and Miracles.

As cliche' as it may sound, 2016 has been one of the best years by far. Every instance of this year helps me decide and discern things for my own growth. On this day, as 2016 bids its farewell, I cannot wait to share you all the things that happened to me, and the values I have learned along the way. 
I struggled in the first quarter of 2016 because this was when I felt like my career was going nowhere. I almost gave up on pursuing my nursing profession abroad because of my pending application in Abu Dhabi that was not processed yet up to this date. Still, I believed in God's plan as He diverted me to check what was in store for me in U.K. When I had the chance to receive my contract from a facility in that nation, that was when I decided to take IELTS. It took me 3 times before I got my required score. On that note, I have learned that a person will only rely on 4 things; hard work, determination, familial support, and prayers. Without these, one will never go far. Before this year ends, I am happy to share that I am on my way to London (probably March or April of 2017) and make those dreams happen.
On the aspect of family, I have learned that no matter how life treated me, my family was always there to support me. They were the ones who pushed me to my limits and assisted me on reaching for my aspirations in life. Although I was not born in a well-off family, I have grasped the notion that no one should be ashamed of where you came from. Moreover, status in life should not be the basis of looking for a companion. 
On the aspect of friendship, being a blogger, I can say that I have gained a lot of friends from different walks of life. Still, I made it to a point of filtering those people and picked the right ones where I can confide my secrets. I am miraculously lucky that I have a set of friends from college who were very supportive of what I am doing. They were a family to me and that was I am to them too. Just a piece of advice, one should be cautious enough on choosing their friends or one may end being used financially, psychologically or even emotionally.
On the subject of love, this was the part of me I was very frustrated with. Good thing I was able to channel those disappointments into something productive. I have used that negative energy for me to strive for my London dreams and good thing, everything worked. Furthermore, I have discerned that there were those people who will not look at what you can do, instead, they will always find time seeing what was wrong with you. That incident must not stop you from loving yourself less than what you can imagine. Always think that some individuals will be used by God as an instrument for you to grow and be emotionally stronger than yesterday. One day, you will find the right person who will not judge you based on your life's status, popularity, financial capacity, and physical attributes. You just have to believe and pray! :)
In a couple of hours, 2016 will come to an end. All those sad and happy moments will be part of our memories. The incoming year will be a fresh start to renew ourselves. Make those dreams come true and never back down. Leave those people who hurt you behind. Always thank the individuals who will help you. Love more and cry less. In every defeat and triumph that you will experience, always make it an opportunity to learn, bounce back, and stand tall. At the end of the day, everything will pay off and you will just thank yourself for every best decision you will make. Cheers to 2017! Happy happy new year! :)

Details: Cardigan, Shirt and Pants (Uniqlo Philippines) Watch (William L 1985) and Sneakers (New Balance Ph)

Photos by Ate Lanie :)

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