Monday, 19 December 2016

7 Reasons why you should date a guy who was raised by girls + OOTD!

On my first 20 years of existence, I never had any father figure because my dad worked as a seafarer. It turned out that my mom and my 3 big sisters needed to raise me up to become a better person as I am today. On that years, they taught me a lot of things on how to manage household chores, how to cook, how to ace school works and a lot of more. On this note, I can say that guys who were raised by their girl family members tend to be more dependable in a relationship, let me explain why.
1. Most of us know how to cook. Whatever food your taste buds desire, we can prepare it for you. If in case, we do not know the recipe, we will make sure that we will further research, and try our best to make it more mouth-watering as possible. 
2. Most of the time, we are polite and respectful to everyone. Not because we are dating you, do not assume that we are only letting you see our positive side. Most of the time, it is innate in us because that is how we were raised.
3. We are more patient. We know your "kilay is life" goals and most of the time, we can patiently wait for you to put it all together. You can take your time dressing up because we know that you want to always look good whenever you are going out. 
4. Your shopping buddy. We can say "yay or nay" to your clothing preferences whenever you feel like hoarding clothes. We can also give you a quick advice on the looks that will fit you best, but still, we will let you decide on the things you like to sport. 
5. We can be your Instagram boyfriend. Altogether with our patience + your desire for a good social media snapshot, we will make sure that we will capture your best angles as possible. Since most of us are beginners, please have the patience to teach us on what looks you want to achieve and we will work hard for it.
6. Your travel buddy. Wherever you want to go, we will be on your side. With our capacity to budget money, ability to look for affordable hostel and food to eat, we will make sure that our day adventures will be enjoyable and a walk in the park.
7. We can easily handle household chores. Proven and tested, if we will not follow instructions, we will be scolded for not moving our fingers. LOL!
 Details: Hoodie (Straightforward Ph), Shirt (Uniqlo Ph), Shorts (Giordano Ph), and Sneakers (Zalora Ph).

I laid out everything on the table why we must be the one for you. Still, you will be the one to decide if w will be part of your life or not. One thing is for sure, there is a less probability that you will be in despair if you will choose us.

Love always,


Photography by Ate Lanie

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