Monday, 28 November 2016

In this problematic world.

All my life, I have been searching for the answers to my questions. The yes or no to my why's and the complete and factual words for my what's. It has been a crazy life for me but I managed to keep it together because of the people surrounding me. Everything is different when I am alone. Sad thoughts are crashing in, leaving me lonely and somewhat depressed. No, I am not trying to end my life because I am lonely. It is just that some traumatic experiences that happened to me in the past are hard to let go, and only few people know about that.
In this problematic world, people like me are sometimes searching for everybody's approval. No matter how one says that "we cannot please everybody", it is difficult for me to stay still. Honestly, I only need one person who will make everything feel alright, that aside from my imperfections, she will make me feel that I am enough. Someone who will hold my hand and hug me tight, no matter how problematic this world is. On those arms, I know that I am accepted and loved without judging me and begging her to do it.
 Still, in this problematic world, I am not losing hope. I will still get through the day with the help of the people who love me without proving anything to them, that I am enough without the need to validate my life and social status. I still believe, no matter how problematic this world is.
Details: Cap (Herschel Supply), Sweater (H&M), Watch (Daniel Wellington), Shorts (Straightforward Clothing) and Sneakers (Nike)

In this problematic world, learn to love yourself and love others. Just believe.

Photos by my eldest sister: Ate Lanie


  1. We all get by with a little help from our friends! Don't let other people get you down, Sef! You keep doing you ��


    1. Isa, thank you for dropping by. Yes! One day, everything will be alright. See you around! :)

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  3. Thank you for posting different fashion style. I was inspired by your blog. looking forward to see new style soon. God speed