Monday, 14 November 2016

10 Ways on How to stay Single?

I am one of those people who is itching to be in a relationship without thinking what advantages being single can bring. Being on my own for 7 years, I tried a lot of times to have someone with me, but every instance failed. Not until recently, my friends helped me recover from something "worth my love life" (will not mention it here) and that was when I realized that being single was not that bad. I think being a hustler in this field, I can definitely give you some tips on how to stay single and shoo away people who are not to your liking (I will sarcastically write my perspective on this matter, you can write yours too).
1. Be on your nicest state on your first date. Girls do not like guys who are overly polite and has a greater sense of attitude upbringing (weird, isn't it?).
2. Break your promises. Gals hate it when you say something and failed to fulfill it. Talking about free days sitting alone on your couch watching Stranger Things on Netflix, eh?
3. Ignore their texts and calls. If you want to live a better life alone, do this consistently.
4. Be rude to her friends. Ladies are always considering the advice of her girlfriends. If her group feels that you are not the right man for their friend, expect for a "no".
5. Be inconsistent. During the courting stage, if you feel like you do not like a girl after 2-3 dates because of her attitude or what not, do this method. It works all the time, believe me!
6. Say something bad during their PMS days! Girls are on their most emotional state during this cycle. Most of them will take all your words too much to the point of not meeting you on your next date. Quite easy, isn't it?
7. Show them how hopeless your future is. Gals are looking forward to meeting lads who have brighter future and if you are not of them, you will be out of their options. Trust me, you will no longer hear anything from them if they will find out everything.
8. Annoy her on her social media accounts. During your first days of dating, adding a ton of comments on her Facebook page looks sweet, but if you will do it almost every minute, good luck!
9. Be more friendly to other girls. If you are forced to date someone you do not like and she finds out that you are way too close to other gals, she will just dump you straight away. Win-win situation, err?
10. Be genuine. On a funny note, if you are true to them pertaining on how you feel, they will always feel overwhelmed. They will just make excuses and assume that your feelings are way too much for them. This is the most painful part of all, if you think that you are worthy for someone, but they do not feel the same towards you, just walk away, and enjoy being single for the nth time! LOL!
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Here you go! I hope my tips are enough to let you stay single for years while pursuing your dreams and nailing your career. If you feel like you want to be in a relationship, just do the opposite! 

Photos by Angel Tacbad


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