Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Urban Traveler and Co.

In every man's get up, a set of durable and high-quality accessories is a must-have. From a strenuous office meeting, all the way down to late parties, one will not only depend on the outfit alone but on the entire details of what one is wearing. Bags, key holders, cell phone cases or holders, cash cards, planner holders, and a lot more, these are the basic accessories each working lad needs. Speaking of which, these important items can be seen inside the Urban Travel Company boutique located on the 2nd floor of The Powerplant Mall inside the Archeology Wing.

Been in the industry for a long time, the brand houses a lot of labels across the world like Venque, This is Ground, Ideal and Co, Gnome and Bow, Bellroy, Orbitkey, Key|Smart, Secrid, Bomber and Company, Archival, DD, and Kisetsu. Not only these brands are known globally, Urban Traveler Co is after the 4 qualities on why they include these names inside their store. First things first, every stuff they are selling is DURABLE. Most of the products are made of authentic leather which will definitely last a lifetime or how one is using it. Second is the FUNCTIONALITY of the goods. Each merchandise can be reversed, can be utilized as a shoulder bag, messenger bag, or depending on how one would like to sport it. Third reason is the items' FORM that can definitely match everyone's lifestyle. Lastly, VALUE, although one can admit that each product's price is not a joke, but it is all about the quality. One will definitely get what one is paying for, and I will say that I will invest on this than getting an inexpensive bag but will last for a couple of months.
One of the featured brands inside the Urban Traveler Co's boutique is Venque (pronounced as Venk). The brand was born in 2011 created solely by 2 Canadian brothers named Viktor and Simon. Altogether with their interest in fashion, design, and its aesthetics, they started to formulate the outlooks of what their bag should look like. From then on, the label managed to stay strong in the market with sales whooping across the world.
Bellroy, one of the classical brands of all time is also featured inside the store. With its design evolution of wallets and cell phone holders, the label injects the appropriateness of its look with everyone's lifestyle. Moreover, it does not take aside the ideas of quality and durability.
If you want to see the collection in flesh, you all have time in the world to visit their store located in Rockwell Powerplant Mall R2 Level Archaeology Wing. Also, if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events and promotion, kindly check this website: You may also check their Instagram page (@urbantravellerco). 

Stay tuned with my OOTD sporting one of the bags I picked inside the store. I will keep you posted. :)


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