Friday, 14 October 2016

The reasons why I do not want to cut my hair yet.

Back to my pre-adolescent years, I have been trying to make my hair longer, but the school's policy prohibited me and advised me to keep it short and well-maintained. I talked to my parents about this matter but they just shied me away to this notion and advised me to just focus on my studies. As I grew up, I came up with great excuses why I wanted to have a long hair. It was not about looking cool out of this, it was more about the 3 life goals I planned that I needed to fulfill as fast as I can. 
When I was younger, I wished to come in UK to fulfill my dreams and work as a nurse. Before I will make it there, I need to pass my IELTS exam and get at least 7 in all subtests. I had 3 attempts before making it, believing that it was God's will why I made it on my last try. This was the perfect timing that He provided me, to live in a different country, and chase my wildest dreams as a nurse and as a blogger.
My second goal is to have my own car. Aside from the intense reviews I underwent when I was preparing for IELTS, I applied to a lot of freelance jobs and had the opportunity to work for them and save up. I am eyeing this blazing blue wigo model since last June, and I think it will not be bad to give it to myself for working hard, right? Last but not the least is to experience donating hair for a cancer patient. Being a nurse, I saw a lot of heartbreaking stories pertaining to this kind of disorder, their struggles and what they experienced since day 1 (whether they lost or won the battle). I am planning to cut my hair at least a week before my flight heading to London. I just hope that it will be long enough to create a wig suitable for someone needing it.
Details: Eyeglasses (Sunnies), Shirt (Uniqlo Ph), Athletic Shorts (Adidas), Duffel Bag (Herschel Supply), and Sneakers (Zalora Ph)
As of now, I only achieved 1 out of my 3 goals. I know I still have a long way to go, but hey, I am working on everything right now. Now it is your turn, what is/are your goal/s in life that you are willing to gamble everything you have to make things happen? Share your story on the comment box below, I will wait for it. :)

Photos by Angel Tacbad


  1. You are an inspiration, Kuya Sef. I hope to see you soon! :)