Saturday, 29 October 2016

It is okay to be brokenhearted?

I have been rejected for 373743848 times (just kidding) and I assumed that I am the problem why everything failed. I questioned about the way I look, jumping to the conclusion that I did not look pleasing to the one I am eyeing for. Second, the way I socialize was way too awkward. Third, maybe I am not that rich enough to provide a high-end date. Fourth, maybe my attitude was rough. Fifth, I did not have my own car. Lastly, maybe I was way too feminine to court someone. On the last time I experienced being busted again, that was when I discerned that I am not the one that should be blamed for all the things that happened to me. Also, I am not in the right position to blame them on why they said no.
If you will ask me if it is okay to be brokenhearted? Yes, it is normal and it is okay. One thing I have learned in life is that God will shy you away from people who will eventually break your heart. I am not trying to sound holy but, it is a proven fact that He creates a plan for us to learn. He uses several people to wake us up and discover our mistakes for us to grow. Being hustler in singlehood for 7 years, I have experienced a lot of heartbreaks, not just in love, but on some other aspects of my life as an individual like studies, career and a lot more. Still, I decided to continue in life and keep on believing. Always remember that one day, a special person will knock on your heart, and you will just let him/her in without any excuses. A career that you have been dreaming of will be yours after sufficiently working enough for it. Everything is possible if you will not give up. Kiddo, never ever give up, okay?
Also, one thing I have discovered is that everyone must not beg for love. If a person truly loves you, you do not need to kneel or ask them to love you back. They will do it wholeheartedly without if's and but's. In the case of unrequited love, it is okay to try, but if you are exhausted to the point of dying, I think it is the right moment to walk away. At the end of the day, it is your self-worth that matters. There will be a couple of nights that you will cry yourself out, a week-long drinking session, and a series of overnights to your best friend's house, but at the end, you will turn out fine. No matter how broken you are now, you will be whole again eventually.

Details: Tee and Olive Green Socks (Uniqlo Philippines), Watch (Daniel Wellington), Swim shorts (H&M), Bag (Urban Traveller Co.), and Sneakers (Zalora).

Kiddo, again, you have to believe in yourself and on what you can do. Being brokenhearted may hurt now, but do not dwell on it for a long time, or else, you will end up not meeting the person who is destined for you. You will be fine soon, just trust yourself! :)

Photos by Angel Tacbad

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