Tuesday, 6 September 2016

5 Things that you must know about male style bloggers.

Writing online has been one of the stuff I love to do. I usually spend an hour or 2 composing an article about my OOTD, events that I attended, and some random things happening in my life. It is actually one of my longest hobbies aside from the activities I am currently doing. Anyhow, bloggers are humans too. We have our own different preferences and similarities about food, clothes, and a lot more. For today, I will give you points on what are the things that every male style blogger needs and wants. 
1. Desserts! Being fit is a necessity for the clothes to work on our body, but that notion does not shy us away from eating desserts. Ice cream, Cakes, candies, cookies, or whatever sweet food you have in mind, we love those. If you want to get close to our hearts, aside from cooking us good food, please make us a couple of desserts.
2. A good conversation. Aside from writing, most of us love to talk to a sensible person either through online chat or face-to-face. We want to know others' stories and be amazed about their travel experiences, life hacks, and a lot more.
3. Fragrances. Most of us are quite obsessed with scents. Although we have different tastes, it is a need for us to smell good whenever we are hanging out with friends, strolling the mall, or going somewhere. We are not trying to impress people, I think most of us are considering wearing perfume as part of our grooming essentials.
4. Online or mobile games. Personally, I usually spend my free time playing League of Legends (username: seftiburcio) whenever I am free. It helps me getting rid of boredom and at the same time, meet new people virtually to play online games competitively.
5. Clothes, tons of 'em. I am trying to be realistic here, most of us want a big closet with full of different clothes. This helps us vary our outfits on a daily basis. On my part, since I am mostly on the basic side of styling, I am contented with basic shirts and pants, and I think I am good to go!

Details: Cap (Reebok), Hoodie, Shirt, and Jogging Pants (Uniqlo Philippines), Sneakers (Zalora Philippines).
I know there are a lot of stuff that must be included here on my list. What I mentioned above are the common things that male style bloggers love to dig in. Just in case, you have some ideas in mind that you might want to share, do not forget to put that on the comment section below!

Thank you for reading! :)

Photos by Marc Teng

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