Thursday, 18 August 2016

Uniqlo Joggers Styling Class Event

Clothing design has been so aggressive that it produces a new innovation in joggers. What we all know as a simple pair of gym pants, it evolves to certain cuts, designs, and prints to catch up with the fast-changing fashion demands. Uniqlo has been very supportive of these changes that they launched their Jogger Pants collection last August 11, 2016 in a form of a master styling class featuring Liz Uy and Rex Atienza. 
Liz and Rex had their different takes on styling jogger pants during the event. On Liz alone, she focused on making each piece looked sporty and chic. She expressed that each outfit must put well together with minimal effort, but with maximum styling impact. On the other hand, Rex optimized the idea of comfortability and adaptability of clothes based on the weather. He added that the necessity of dressing up must let the wearer equally juggle the concept of play, work, and travel.
Continuing the effort, this FALL/WINTER season, UNIQLO provides 4 types of Jogger pants for women- Drape, Milano Rib, Ponte, and Classic; and 2 types for men- Ultra-Stretch and Classic. Each piece is comfortable, functional and stylish, made with high-quality materials to suit the lifestyle needs of every Filipino.

Elegance in the Workplace. UNIQLO Classic and Drape Jogger pants for women are relaxed and comfortable, featuring a sleek silhouette. Each piece can be worn both in semi-formal or casual occasions. The drapes and tapers toward the hems have a slimming effect for a more flattering look. UNIQLO Ultra-Stretch and Classic Jogger pants for men feature an elastic waist for a more relaxed and comfortable fit. Its ribbed cuffs create a sleek outline for a simple yet stylish look at the office. 

Laid-back post-work sessions. UNIQLO Ponte Jogger pants for women is made with soft ponte material that keeps Stay on-trend with UNIQLO’s Jogger Pants Collection NEWS RELEASE 2 the wearer comfortable all-day long. It features easy-to- wear drawstring and fitted cuffs to create chic lines.

Stylish Travel. UNIQLO Milano Rib Jogger pants for women is made of durable material and feature a soft textured fabric for a more relaxed feel. The easy-to- wear elastic drawstring on the waist provides a gentle snug fit, and the tapered cut makes for a trendy silhouette, perfect for traveling comfortably while still staying in style. The 2016 FALL/WINTER Jogger Collection is now available in all UNIQLO stores nationwide.
Before the event ended and much to my surprise, me and Sarah Tirona were handpicked by these superb stylists to be styled using Uniqlo's Joggers. The reason why I was chosen was because of my beanie! Anyhow, Sarah was with Liz and I am with Rex. It was surreal that I was chosen to be dressed up by the head of Stylelist Inc.
The 2016 FALL/WINTER Jogger Collection is now available in all UNIQLO stores nationwide. Also, if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events, and promos, head now to the brand's official website which is 

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