Monday, 29 August 2016

Books that I personally recommend.

I know this post is not related to what my niche is all about, but my fondness in reading books is insane. Also, if you are following my Instagram page, you will know what books I have read or currently reading. For those who are not following my social media page, my book genre preferences shifted from Murder-Suspense novels to Non-Fiction then Love Stories. Sounds weird? I hope not.

Speaking of allotting time comprehending novels, there were times that I skipped my daily meals because of the need to finish a 500-page adventure book. Also, there were moments that I slept as late as 3am because of the successions of events that were breathtaking. 

Since I want to infect my readers to read and find this hobby as amusing as possible, let me give you some advice pertaining to what books you might want to check and spend your time with. I will also give you a brief summary about the book on why it is interesting.

1. Hush Little Darlings - Judith Kelman
Summary: A private investigator named Sarah Spooner was assigned to 4 children cases of sexual abuse. The organ penetration's method was consistent to these 4 victims who refused to utter words pertaining to the incident that happened to them. As the protagonist walked her way to give light to the cases, she set her life and her daughter in danger by exposing the culprit who was a part of Sarah's past.

Why is it recommended? The story's plot was greatly written. The author managed to take better turns leaving the readers confused on who was the person responsible for the crime. 

Cost? Php 50

 2. The Urban Boys - K. N. Smith
Summary: Five boys ventured toward a mysterious forest. They eventually encountered a blinding light giving them specialized abilities which amplified their senses to a superhuman level. Each young lad had his own specialized sense which will be needed to decapitate or destroy the evils.

Why is it recommended? The author shied away on creating unimaginable superpowers for her characters. She utilized the capabilities that were innate in humans: 5 major senses.

Cost? Paperback: $9.95 or Kindle $0.99

3. Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Trilogy - Ransom Riggs
Summary: A teenager was told tons of stories of his grandfather's old adventures that he eventually doubted as he grew up. His uncertainties were shed to light after he was given a memorabilia of the peculiars in which his aunt accidentally found in his granddad's home, after he was killed by a hollow. Out of his curiosity and psychiatrist's advice, he made his way to a remote island in which he discovered a non-aging group of superhumans and his own distinct peculiar power.

Why is it recommended? This novel was amusing, extraordinary, and the words used were easy to understand which will be appropriate for readers of all ages.

Cost? Around Php 1200 - Php 1800

4. Wakefield Hall - Francesca Stanfill
Summary: A famous editor was tasked to write a story of a great actress. She personally met the star when she was alive and was surprised to know her name. On her adventure to reveal the actress autobiography, she later discerned her connection with her that either shattered or repaired her life in the end.

Why is it recommended? The use of Sonnets and Shakespearean's classics were brilliant. The author injected the lines to reveal a secret that surprised me as well.

Cost? Php 100

5. The Last Boy and Girl in the World - Siobhan Vivian
Summary: A disaster happened which broke the dam drowning Keeley's hometown. This enabled her to be emotionally brave taking her one last shot to guy she loved the most. Will the odds be in her favor? Read, dude, read! You will love the twist! 

Why is it recommended? I never thought that love can be found on the most tragic scenario. The novel was brilliantly written that you will not take your eyes until you will finish the book!

Cost? Php 450 - Php 500

There you go! I hope you will love the books I suggested. Just in case you have some questions about books that I have read or planning to read, just put your words on the comment section below. :)


  1. OMG!!! I love your book recommendations! Will check it out. Thank you for this Sef! :)