Sunday, 31 July 2016

Uniqlo LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

I am fond of collecting basic clothes as a way of styling myself every day. It is quite advantageous on my end because basics help me blend to whatever occasion I am in without trying too hard. Moreover, if one can carry it well, even in simplicity, one can stand out. Talking about plain pieces, Uniqlo Philippines launched its Fall/Winter collection last July 28 in A Space Manila. The label posed diversities, improvements, and fun with its updated clothing fashion sense with due respect to every individual's uniqueness and preferences.
(Photo from Ruth dela Cruz)

Uniqlo Lifewear Fall/Winter Collection showcased 4 different clothing classifications during the launch; Essentials, Work, Sport and Travel. Essentials compose the jeans, chinos, shirts, and knitwears that everyone must have. These pieces will help one with their effortless styling suitable in every situation. Workwear embodies professionalism, style, and flexibility appropriate for every job. It focuses merely on wearer's comfortability while maintaining a minimalist approach on personal sense of fashion.
The Sport pieces are created with materials that wick away sweat, retain hear, dry quickly, block out the wind, and repel water, for breathable clothing enough to be worn through whatever activity one is in. Its functionality, fashion, and comfort will bring wonders to the wearer doing their leisure or recreational events without any hindrances. The Uniqlo Philippines' Travel section holds clothes which have the capacity to retain heat and block out the wind suitable for the wearer's provincial vacation or out-of-the-country visits.
The Kids and Baby's department is comprised of highly functional merchandise that enables children to seize the day. Each item is designed to be durable and comfortable for the kids to move along well. Each item has the capacity to prevent burdening sensitive skin and can be easily removed with its child-friendly zippers that can be easily seen. The Ines de La Fressange Collection is inspired by the fusion of bourgeois style with the Left Bank culture in the late 1960's. The concept is made possible by the combination of 2 powerful creative heads namely Ines and Uniqlo under the supervision of Uniqlo Design Director, Naoki Takizawa.
What we wear to live it deserves more thought, more simplicity, and more care. At Paris Design Center, the global design team − led by Christophe Lemaire − is reinventing basics to be anything but basic. Clothing that transcends trends and becomes an ideal expression of who we are. Every form made for function. Every element endlessly considered. Every design thoughtfully deconstructed, tested and distilled to its most essential and sophisticated. This is simply made better, at its best.

The collection was pleasing to the eyes as most of my favorite basic clothes were featured and showcased. I even bought a couple of pieces to be featured soon on my OOTD's. Also, if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events, and promotions, do not forget to check Uniqlo Philippines' Facebook page here.

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