Friday, 15 July 2016

Things I did after a traumatic airport experience.

I was in the airport last Tuesday on my way to Vietnam. I arrived 2 hours earlier because of the unpredictable traffic congestions in Manila. While waiting for my flight, I roamed around the nearby stores, took photos, recorded a Snapchat, and decided to have a coffee. After a couple of minutes, the screen announced that everyone can now check-in. I chose Cebu Pacific because it was way more affordable than the other companies. Before I had the chance to come inside, I was barred by the clerks because of my passport. I have to be honest, I was not aware that a passport must be more than 6 months before its expiration date, in which mine failed to comply. From then on, I was harshly and rudely advised by the Manager named Nette that I needed to secure a document from DFA extending the expiration date of my passport. I called my Mom and came home depressed and traumatized because of the treatment I had. 
So what I did after a disheartening moment? I do not want to sound hypocrite but I prayed and cried hard, and asked God why did this thing happen. My confused and cloudy mind uttered words which were inappropriate for a prayer. After that, I talked to my parents and they were very sorry about what happened and consoled me that everything happened for a reason. It was a lame statement for me, but in the end, they were right. I also took time sending an email to the Vietnamese proctor responsible for handling my exam. I was advised to present a notice from the immigration about what happened so they can have my test rescheduled. A day passed, I decided to call Cebu Pacific and was given 24-48 hours to have my issues resolved. Unfortunately, I called again today and I was given another 1-2 days for the update of the escalation. I felt sad on how poor their customer service was.
Instead of grieving over a spilled milk, I decided to munch in some chocolates to liven up my mood. I graced an event to have my mind pre-occupied for a moment. I talked to my closest friends and vented out what I felt. Everything was traumatic but I believed that everything will fall into the right place in due time. I learned my lesson well with a big kick in the guts.

Details: Top - Batik Motif Collection (Uniqlo Ph), Walking Shorts (AEO), Knapsack and Mandals (Zalora Ph)
Seriously, I will never forget this experience. On my end, it meant one thing; I needed to be as responsible and as careful in planning my trips so as I will no longer experience the same altercation I had with this encounter!

Photos by Kim Nieves

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