Saturday, 23 July 2016

Shopback's Win-a-Wish Blog Giveaway - "My Fitness Style Template"

I gained weight out of the notion of reviewing for international nursing boards. Instead of waiting for a new year to start my resolution, I will now make an initiative to shed some pounds and achieve a fit body (why not?). Having new fitness gears are necessary. It will serve as the beginning of something strenuous but an exciting journey of toning down. Of course, my personal style must not be compromised. Out of that, I created an online shopping list of my "fitness starters" motivating me to start my fitness regimen ASAP.
 I usually buy my stuff online. In case that I need to visit a store, it is for fitting purposes only. Two advantages of shopping merchandise online are the use of coupon codes and/or websites that allow cashback after every purchase. One best example is Shopback Philippines' website. Currently, the website is running a giveaway which will grant one wish of 10 lucky individuals (below Php 10,000).  Before I will spill the beans pertaining to the giveaway, let me show you my picks on coming up with my fitness OOTD.
For my accessories and footwear, I usually browse items on Zalora. Most of the time, they are on sale so why not take advantage of it, right?
I usually wear basic tees instead of Drifit athletic clothes because I think I can move more and the styling aesthetic is on point. Sounds like hitting 2 birds with one stone, eh?
Parkas or Windbreakers will help you sweat out because it heats up your body as you do your push-ups or lift a dumbbell.
Adidas pair of running shorts has been my favorite of all time. I usually love to sport it most especially during my volleyball training for it allows me to run, dig and spike comfortably.

How will I make my wish come true? I tried my luck and joined Shopback Philippines' giveaway simply by following these steps.

First things first, you need to visit the website here. You may sign up using your personal email or Facebook account.
Once you signed up, you have the option to choose among the shops in which Shopback Philippines is affiliated with.
Once you are done, create your own style template or any merchandise templates which are important to your lifestyle. Compose a write-up why those things matter, and you are good to go. If you wish to know more about the contest details, please feel free to check the complete information here.

Going back to my story, waiting for a new year to start breaking a bad habit will look lame. If you want to achieve a personal goal, always make it to a point of beginning something. In my case, my perseverance in losing fats will start now, and for sure I will thank myself for future results.

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