Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What Uniqlo Items to give for Father's Day?

Being the only son in the family, I see my Dad as the strongest and the most hardworking father I know. Although we do not have a close relationship in comparison with my mom due to his previous work as a Marine Engineer, we always make it to a point of having each other's back all of the time. With the upcoming Father's Day, I am thinking of several clothes that he may like to wear on this special occasion. Good thing, Uniqlo Philippines has a lot of merchandise to choose from. From Basic tees and Polos, all the way down to Cargo Shorts, I think he will be surprised with the items I shopped for him.
First things first, I was given a checklist to come up with the best outfit for my Dad. Since me and my daddy-yo are into basic clothes (same shirt size too), we are used to borrowing each other's shirts and work our way to some occasions we will be heading to. Even though I knew my dad's clothing preference for years, I needed to make him delighted and surprised at the same time.
The brand, Uniqlo Ph has prepared a special gift guide for our Super Dads. All Uniqlo Lifewear pieces are highly functional , durable and innovative.

The Dashing Hardworking Dad. Long-Sleeve Polos are the highly recommended workwear for fathers who are busy working for their families. Each piece is wrinkle-resistant that whatever activities he is engaged in, the wearer will look fresh. The clothes are made with fine-weave Oxford fabric that are best partnered with Men's Vintage Regular Fit Chino Pants and Italian Leather belt.
Dad who loves to Hangout. The Dry Pique Polo Shirt features a distinctive DRY technology which will turn out to be perfect for weekend family trips. It dries sweat quickly and suppresses odors without hindering dad's participation on family activities.
The Adventurous Dad. The perfect fit for sporty fathers is Uniqlo Dry Ex Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Each piece is designed for easy movement even in warm weathers making the wearer comfortable. Each piece can quickly absorb sweats too.
Dads who bring comfort. AIRism clothes are made up of ultra-fine fibers which turn out to be the perfect clothes for Fathers who constantly give warmth to the entire family. It has an anti-odor function to keep the wearer fresh and comfortable all day long.
 Dads who are always on the Go. To Fathers who leisurely like to roam around with his family, Uniqlo's Big T-Shirts are the right set of clothes to put on. These clothing are the perfect combination with Cargo Chambray Shorts which are made with durable materials. These cargo shorts feature an elastic waist that makes it easy for men to wear. 
 After I picked the right clothes for my dad, I asked him to wear it and tried to take his OOTD but he refused. He said that he was quite thankful for the early gifts I gave him but he was too shy to have his picture taken. Honestly, I felt rewarded because my big guy loved his new clothes. 

Anyhow, if you want to be in the loop on the latest happenings, events and sales, please visit Uniqlo's Facebook page here. You can also visit the official website of Uniqlo here.

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