Thursday, 16 June 2016

Chuck the bad blogger friends away.

In the blogging world, you will meet different types of blogger friends; the one who seriously worries about you, the one who uses you, and the one who secretly hates you. First things first, you need to make sure that you know yourself. There is no way that you can meticulously scrutinize someone if you do not know your strengths and weaknesses. From then, you can easily determine who among your social media friends are true to you versus the one faking everything up.
I am not undergoing a series of friend break-ups or what not, I am just observant about the things that are happening in every event. The moral lesson is, you can socialize with everyone but not all of them are your confidants. Be with a group or someone that you are comfortable with and can help you freely express yourself about everything. Finding a true companion in blogging is like finding a gem in an Arab dessert. It might be too difficult but it is all worth it in the end.
Details: Eyeglasses (Sunnies Studios), Tee and Pants (Uniqlo Philippines) and Sneakers (Converse Ph
Blogging and gaining friends are not easy tasks. Three of thousands major key points are staying grounded, being real and being consistent with your chosen field. This will help you find the right people who will truly have your back until the end 

Also, special shoutout to Converse family for my pair of All-Star Summer Woven Sneakers! It has a unique canvas weave structure which is hand woven and gives the wearer a feeling of comfort. This collection is available in 2 colors, the first pair of shoes is the one I am wearing on this OOTD (Dolphin) and the second is a combination of black, grey, and white (White Multi). These shoes are now available in any Converse stores nationwide.

Suggested Retail Price: Php 3990 for Low Cut and Php 4390 for Hi-Cut.

Photos by Angel Tacbad

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