Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Uniqlo Sports Line Collection + my first ever Yoga Experience.

With the fast-changing evolution of clothing demands, Uniqlo comes up with its new line named Uniqlo Sports. The brand holds the idea that the collection is not merely for sports activities but for daily routine. It gives the wearer the sense of comfortability and a fun and stylish way of flaunting each piece. Uniqlo Sports collection features DRY EX and AIRism pieces which utilize one-of-a-kind material and design to help one move in a fashionable way as possible. 
Enough of the typical workout shirt! If one is anticipating rigorous activities or engaging in a tiring sports practice, Uniqlo's DRY EX polo shirt is the perfect fit! This men's polo is made with next generation, high-tech DRY EX material that can dry excessive sweat in a constant and fast speed. Meanwhile, Uniqlo is also presenting an improved line of AIRism Full Zip Hoodie for Women. In whatever type of weather, a single gal will perform her workout activities, the hoodie is perfect. The clothing has the ability to disperse moisture and helps the body feel cool. Its UV Cut Function can block UV rays promoting a healthy skin.
The best part of the event was we were given ample time to shop for our workout OOTD. We wore our chosen pieces and headed to a Yoga class to prove if the clothes will not compromise the style and comfort. It was my first Yoga Bikram class and good thing my flexibility (in which I learned in FEU Pep Squad) was there that time. It was a thirst-quenching and sweaty 45 minutes of my life and the class was fun and worth it. Moreover, Uniqlo Sports allowed me to move in full extent without any hindrances.
My body was not in the same condition after the Yoga class but it was fun. Uniqlo Sports allowed me to move, twist and flex without worrying. 

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