Friday, 6 May 2016

My Real life friends.

It was a couple of years back when I was announced as one of the alumni of Nursing College of Far Eastern University. It was surreal that after a series of dance competitions and academic contests I have gone through with my friends, we survived. We had our worst and best days in college and seriously enough, this friendship (for 8 years and counting) was well-sculpted by the test of time.
We were once part of different dance competing organizations inside our university like FEU Street Dance, FEU Cheering and some were former members of Theater Guild until all of us decided to join INTAC (Institute of Nursing Theater Arts Committee). In full honesty, I am very stubborn when I had my first audition for the group because of  my credentials in dancing but this family taught me how to be humble and respectful. It was a start of a never-ending bonding between me and these crazy people whom I truly love!
Details: Sunnies (Sprinto Philippines), Shirt (Uniqlo Philippines), Shorts (Straightforward Clothing), Shoes (Zalora Ph)
Let me present you my best buddies of all time!
 Jobo, Gary, King and Yours Truly!
Gia, Kim, Tatch, Hannah and Ghail.

If there is one thing that I am thankful enough, it will be meeting these guys. They made my college life like a walk in the park that without them, I will end up exhausted and quit studying. I will always be proud of these guys!


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