Sunday, 15 May 2016

Daylong Giveaway

June is fast approaching and most of the students will be gearing up for another school year full of learnings and activities. Although summer is not yet over, I know most of you still have plans for having a last Beach getaway hurrah! I have one question, is your skin protected from UV rays? If not let me introduce you Daylong, one of my most favorite Sunblocks with a 50+ SPF. Aside from my beach or pool hangouts, I still use this product just to make sure that my skin is protected all time. Its non-sticky and non-greasy feeling + proven effects will definitely make wonders on one's integumentary system!
I know most of you are excited on my blog giveaway! Here is the full mechanics:

1. Please like Daylong Ph and Sef Tiburcio's Facebook Pages.
2. Follow @daylongph and @seftiburcio's IG accounts.
3. Post an Instagram picture of any Summer-related happenings, Summer Dream Destinations, beach getaways in which you can bring Daylong products with you. If you cannot think of any, you may Regram my Instagram picture.
4. Do not forget to tag Cetaphil and Sef Tiburcio on the post with the hashtag #EverydaySkinArmor and #DaylongPhXSef.
5. The contest's winner will be announced on May 31, 2015 at 11:59PM.

Prize: One Daylong Sunblock (50ml) plus a limited edition Tote Bag (resembles like LongChamp).

Go guys, you know the drill! 

CONGRATULATIONS @camgavino for winning my blog giveaway! :)

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