Thursday, 21 April 2016

What keeps me busy?

Lately, I seldom write about my OOTD's and opted not to attend some events because of my studies. Being a student and an athlete is time-consuming. I need to work on my essays or assignments on weekdays and practice vigorously on weekends. The great advantage of this scenario is that I have met a lot of new friends who shared the same passion as I am. The love for continuous education and never-ending dedication to my favorite sport helps me excel in the best possible ways.
My reviews, assignments, and final exam will end on May 19, 2016. I really hope that the result and odds will be in my favor. I hope that all the frustrations, efforts and disappointments will pay off in the end.
Details: Polo Shirt and Pants (Uniqlo Ph), Belt (McJim) and Loafers (Milanos
Just a quick advice, study well and attempt to ace all the exams. At the end of the day, your good marks will help you land better jobs compared to the rest of the competing employees. Although it is never wrong to enjoy while you are studying, it is always right to stay on track and be focused all the time! This will boost your career in the future! :)


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