Sunday, 17 April 2016

Civil War.

Enough of the Batman versus Superman battle for Civil War is about to unfold its story. Just to give you a glimpse, Civil War started with a US legislation commanding all people with super powers to register themselves. The group was divided into 2; Iron Man and Dr. Richards for pro-act while Captain America and most of the superheroes opposed the idea. The reason behind the amendment of this law was due to Nitro's fault. His hate attack caused 600 civilian mortalities; 60 were children. Most of the supervillains sided with the government in a way of hunting and killing the good guys so as their hidden motives will happen.
 Although my shirt said I am with Iron Man, I had to agree that his invention created him as a superhero. I somewhat disagreed with his advocacy about limiting the full capacity of superheroes through an act initiated by the US Government. Anyhow, enough of my point of view about the movie. The comic was great so I hoped that the entire storyline must be on point, the cinematography must be well done and the effects must be eye-catching.
Is it okay to ask, what team will you side with? You can deeply express your preference by visiting the nearest Uniqlo Store in your area and buy your team's tee. Most of the iron man shirts are red while Captain America's side is blue. The release of the collection will be on April 25, better get those shirts early than be sorry!

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  1. Kuya Sef, di kah naman legit na blogger kasi wala kah naman sa BU11.. I-unfollow na kitah, follow nah lang kitah pag sikat kah nah!! Ha ha ha ha!

    1. Hi Miko, magandang araw! Una sa lahat hindi basehan ang pagsali sa kaliwa't kanang bazaar para maituring na sikat at "legit". Kahit sino, anong edad, kulay at kung ano man ang pananaw mo sa buhay, pwedeng maging blogger. At kung san ka man masaya, suportahan kita. God bless! :)

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