Saturday, 26 March 2016

Uniqlo's 2016 Summer Pieces

My wardrobe is mainly composed of basic clothes and one of the brands in it is Uniqlo. The label has been filling my closet with fun and colorful basic outfits making me want to stack more. What is more interesting is that Uniqlo keeps on innovating its products which can be suitable with the weather here in the Philippines. Uniqlo mixes aesthetic quality and functionality by giving its consumers the best options for their summer wardrobe suitable for various scenes and occasions - from Beach, Work, Sports and Shopping.

If there is one classification of clothes among above mentioned that I Iiked the most on the recent launch of Uniqlo last March 17, it will be the Sportswear. Being a student-athlete, I love to be in an on-the-go type of look. I picture myself sporting a basic tee, jacket, a pair of joggers and sneakers. Also, the AIRism fibers have an anti-odor function which can make the wearer fresh even in the most humid conditions.
Work outfits. If I will be working as an office employee, I will definitely wear neutral-palette pieces. Not because it was easy to wear, it is more of looking sophisticated and dashing as you move along and do your job. Uniqlo's Polo Shirt line has a distinctive Dry technology that dries sweat quickly and suppresses odor. 
Beach - Get the laid-back beach vibe. Uniqlo's offerings are created to match the needs of anyone who wants to cool down while under the sun. Whether it is a Linen shirt made of 100% French linen, or a Polo shirt made with lightweight materials, the brand collections can make your summer cool and breathable.
 Shopping clothes. Avoid summer stress with uncomfortable clothes. Uniqlo allows one to be cool and relax on a weekend day out with its sleeveless Linen tops and 100% cotton shirts. Matched with equally comfortable jogger pants, one can freely run from one shopping mall to another.
For more information or if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events and sale, you may like Uniqlo's page here


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