Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Social Awkwardness.

I am confident whenever I am with my friends but if I will be attending an event, it will be another story. I need to be with someone whom I can talk to inside the gathering or else, I will stay mute and will not utter words. I will only speak if someone is asking me a question or two. My shyness accompanies my awkwardness to the point of having a hard time introducing myself to people in our first meeting.
Most of the people I knew gave me a first impression that I am a snob. Truthfully, on that time, I didn't know what to say. If you were familiar with the feeling of "wanting to evaporate" inside an event, that was what I felt that time. It was funny that my actions were misinterpreted most of the time. Again, I am not a snob or what, I am just socially awkward, very awkward.
Details - Shirt and Pants (Uniqlo Philippines), Buttoned Down (Giordano Philippines), Boots (Milanos).
I am currently working on improving my social skills so I can easily adapt to people's attitudes and way of communicating. It is never an easy task for me to gradually get rid of being socially awkward but each day is a great step to overcoming it. :) 

Photos by Seph Cham

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