Thursday, 17 March 2016

My Clear Shampoo X Bruno's Barber Shop Experience.

A dandruff-free hair and a standout haircut can boost one man's confidence to conquer his day. Whether he is studying at school, working in the office or playing his favorite sport on the field, a head to toe hygiene must be ensured all throughout the day for him to look and feel good. Clear, the leading Men's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo collaborated with Bruno's Barbers in giving men their Dandruff-Proof preferred hairstyle.
Clear introduced a 3-step regimen for keeping men's hair dandruff-proof; Wash with Clear Shampoo, Take a haircut in Bruno's Barber Shop and STYLE. The shampoo brand ensures that the hair and scalp hygiene is on point making each lad dashing and charming. Furthermore, Clear partnered with Bruno's Barber Shop in co-creating 4 types of haircut; The Classic Style for the dashing debonair, The Casual Style for the kids on the block, The Sporty Style for the hardworking athletes and The Urban Style for a trendy man. The latter cut was exemplified by David Guison in which he also shared his hair grooming.
After the event, I experienced how thrilling it was to have my haircut after a month. I was trying to achieve a man-bun, one reason why I refused to do my hairstyle every after 2 weeks. On that moment, I decided to have David's style so I can maintain the length of my hair, I just let the hairdresser shaved each side of my head to have the look that I am sporting right now.
It is time for a giveaway! Here is the mechanics:

1. Follow @seftiburcio, @ClearPh and @BrunosBarbers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
2. You may post a selfie, an OOTD or your dream hairstyle showcasing a dandruff-free hair with the hashtag "#DandruffProofYourStyle" on your post. Do not forget to tag and mention @seftiburcio, @ClearPh and @BrunosBarbers and set your account in public so we can track your entries. 
3. Do not forget to tag a friend.
4. I will be giving away 1k worth of Bruno's Barbers GC and the winner will be announced on March 31st at 11:59pm. :)

The winner of my blog giveaway is Amor Bereso. Congratulations. Please do not forget to email me your addess where I can send the Bruno Barber's GCs. Thank you for all those who joined my giveaway. I have another one coming so please stay tuned!!


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