Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Men's Trend Forecast for 2016

It is not only women who like to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Depending on one's style, what designers they prefer, and what unique look one is going for, the men's runway also has some unique styles and trends to watch out for this year. These are a few which have been hot so far in 2016 that will consistently remain on top of men's closet must-haves as the day progresses.
Boom Bam Bombers! The bomber jacket is back in style. With leather arms, suede or fabric finishes, and off-colour blocking styles, one can easily pair these jackets with any outfits. Furthermore, one can style them up for any occasion to help them stand out. Always be careful on mixing ang matching one's bomber's color to the entire ensemble so as one will not be lost in style.
Overalls or Dungarees. Dark green, military finishes, denim, and any other color imaginable has been popping up in men's style bibles and fashion guides this year. One can wear them with or without a shirt, can pair them with boots, flats, or other type of shoes. They can be easily worn depending on what one is trying to portray. The only thing that matters is the color combination of the entire outfit that one must bear in mind most of the time.
Short top. Long sleeve oxford shirts are out as short-sleeve tops are now taking the scene this year. Whether it is a fitted button down, t-shirt, or any other style, the shorter the sleeve, the better. One can wear these shirts with a tie, with a few buttons undone, and can dress them up with the right pair of slacks and shoes for any occasion as well.
No matter what designer trends one love, top designer name brands one prefer or what style one personally like to mimic, always be mindful of the color combination and occassion in which you can sport every look. Although men's clothes can be very expensive most of the time but there are loads of sites which offer good payment plans like


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