Sunday, 20 March 2016

5 Weird Facts about me.

  My blog has been my go-to journal whenever I feel like sharing some bad or good things that happened to me. Whether it is embarrassing or rewarding, I always make it to a point of writing it. I do not necessarily need to broadcast it on my social media that is why I choose to blog it so as it will appeal more personal. Just a random blog for today, I will be sharing some weird facts about me and I hope you will enjoy reading it.
1. I only eat 2 fruits which were watermelon and pineapple, nothing more and nothing less. My mom had a small mini-grocery store business and a fruit stand and I grew up playing with fruits. On my first grade, that was the only time I knew that they were real and edible.
2. Nail biting has been my behavior compensation against stress. I have not overcome this disorder yet.
3. I forced myself to eat vegetables when I was on my 2nd year in college. It happened when my Anatomy professor told us that if your poop did not float in a bowl's water, it meant we were eating unhealthy food with no fiber.
4. I got lost inside the mall after my mom painfully pinched me. I ran and hid in the store's closet and unconsciously slept after crying. My parents looked for me the whole day inside SM and spotted me sleeping. I was found around 8-9pm.
5. I am afraid of cockroaches. I think everybody does, I guess.

Details: Top, Plaid and Pants (Uniqlo Ph) and Sneakers (SM Milanos)
As much as I want to share more of my weird moments in my life, I think mentioning 5 will be enough for now. Let me ask you a question, what is the weirdest fact about you that people surround you do not know? Share your words in the comment section below. :)

Photos by Marc Teng

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