Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Hey, Crush!

I have been seeing this person through events for a long time. Although we are not that close, I think she is a sweet gal. Lately, I have been stalking her Facebook account and decided to follow her on Instagram too. The best thing about having an inspiration is that I am motivated daily to come to school and study well.
Before I will start my day, I usually take a moment to visit her Facebook account to get a daily dose of happiness. I make it to a point to avoid leaving a comment or liking all her photos to avoid being too obvious. To be honest, I do not have the courage to leave a personal message to state my appreciation to her. I am contented seeing her on pictures, nothing more and nothing less.
Details: Top (Zalora Ph), Pants (Uniqlo Ph), Socks (Happy Socks Ph) and Dessert Boots (Milanos Shoes).
Just like a typical wish of an admirer is to see her crush every day but I know it will never happen because we are not on the same neighborhood. For now, what is important is that she is doing fine. Hopefully one day, she will notice me and ask me how am I doing. I am hoping that day will happen as soon as possible.

Photos by JC Bori

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