Sunday, 17 January 2016

Schooling ain't over.

Look who is back to school again? Yes, sir! It is fun that I tend to write something again on notebooks, listen to good professors and stay up all night working on assignments and reviews. I cannot believe that studying will be harder the second time around but I am deeply hoping that it will be worth it in the end.
I do not want to sound like having a lot of excuses but my studies are my top priority as of the moment. Being a student is quite hard because I need to juggle sports, studies and social life. So for today, this is my typical school outfit. Nothing fancy, just a typical kid coming to class working his ass out. 
Details: Cardigan and Pants (Uniqlo Ph), Shirt (H&M), Backpack (Elcid Ph) and Dunks (Nike Ph)

Just a shoutout, Elcid is a 100% Pinoy start-up brand. For every purchase of their bag, another school bag will be given to a kid in need. Sounds cool, right? 
For now, one of my main concerns is to be one of the bests inside my class and to nail the final exam. This semester is starting awesome and I cannot wait for the following days to come. Just a piece of advice, study hard and avoid cutting class. 

Photos by Rudolph Lopez

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