Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fun way to Shop on!

Online shopping has been one of the easiest ways for me to look for what clothes to wear. Being a busy student, roaming around inside the malls will consume much of my time that is why I always check what is available online. Recently, I found a cashback type of site which enables me to shop virtually and save a lot by having rebates. The one that I am talking about is
The website is very easy to navigate. In a way that you can easily check what they are offering and what kinds of rebates you will be receiving based on your purchase. The steps on signing up are quite easy, let me walk you through if you are having a hard time.
First of all, you need to sign up using your email address or your facebook account. On the upper right corner, you will see your name. You have the time to edit your personal details, banking information in which your money will be transferred and some settings based on your preferences. Beside your name is where you can find the amount of the rebates based on the percentage of online purchases.
After you signed up, you will see a lot of websites where you may plan to surf. Just choose whatever virtual stores you want to visit like ASOS, Lazada and a lot more. Click on the name then you are good to go! After the order is completed, kindly wait for 75 days for you to redeem and use the cashback in the future.
Let me share to you my shopping experience. After I signed up, I visited Zalora to look for a sweater for the cold weather. I found a gradient sweatshirt on its best price. Since the stock was very limited, I did not hesitate to purchase it right away!
Payment options on Zalora's website can either be through credit/debit cards or cash on delivery. Whatever is the most convenient for you, it is your call to do it. On my end, I used a credit card just to make transactions easier.
Tadaaaaa! When the transaction was completed, the rebate already reflected on my account without a sweat! I earned 12% of my purchase straight to my's account. Also, you will earn more than 12% cashback and can use exclusive coupon codes to add more discounts to your purchase!

To end this post, let me give you a sneak peak of my OOTD wearing what I bought using!
Also, ShopBack site is currently having a Valentine's day promo here! You will enjoy a cashback up to 12% plus a Valentine's day sale up to 90! Isn't it amazing? 

Stay tuned for the full details of my OOTD! You may visit to experience online shopping with cool rebates!

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