Sunday, 27 December 2015

Style and Sports

It took me some time to post a style blog and good thing, I am able to secure one to share. The past few days had been tiring on my end that I needed to juggle studying and social life badly. Before the holiday came in, my school schedule will start on Monday until Saturday from 9AM to 5PM. I had no time to work out because I am mentally drained with medical and nursing words to study. Sunday was my only best friend, that was why I always chose to play volleyball as my recreational activity and to sweat my stress out.
If there was one thing that I did not want to let go, that was my most favorite sport which was volleyball. Ever since my grade school years, I have been playing this sport competitively and letting go was never an option no matter how busy my schedule was. Sports and style will always come hand in hand. If you want to look best at your clothes, you have to work it out rigorously and passionately.
Details - Dri-Fit Shirt and Kobe 10 (Nike Ph) and Running Shorts (Adidas Ph). 
Most of all, there were some things that I needed to prioritize before anything else. Of course, one of my priorities was to spend my Sunday playing volleyball and my entire weekdays on reading medical books and alike. My life maybe boring as of the moment but in God's name, it will be triumphant in the end. In His name, I am claiming it!

Photos by Jaycee Bori

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