Monday, 21 December 2015

Happy Holidays with Cetaphil.

Time is fast approaching. Who would have thought that Christmas will be happening in a couple of days? It excites me to purchase gifts for my family, relatives, friends, godchildren. As Christmas day draws near, it is a big hassle to roam around the area and look for presents. Dirts, dusts, oil and cold weather will make greatly affect our skin. Good thing, Cetaphil Philippines comes up with its Holiday Promo Pack that will ensure the health of your skin this season. 
Credibly known to be the number one prescribed by Dermatologists and Pediatrician in the Philippines, Cetaphil assures to keep all types of skin healthy all throughout the season. Its latest cleanser will clear and cleanse dirts and bacteria away from one's skin. As pertains to skin moisturizer, it will protect your skin from drying due to cold weather. Plus, it will make your skin smooth and soft to touch. These will be the best recommended products for everyone as these are hypoallergenic.
Start your Christmas shopping day using Cetaphil's cleansing bar. It will definitely keep your body odor on check without giving a bad smell all throughout the day. Most importantly, a hypoallergenic lotion is a necessity to make your skin moisturized!
The Holiday Promo Packs will be available until December 31st or until supplies last! Keep your skin on check this season by wearing Cetaphil's skin products! Moreover, for the list of store offering this limited edition Skin Care Packs, please check their facebook page here or their Instagram account, @cetaphilph.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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