Monday, 7 December 2015

Bright Sports.

Sunday is my only rest day that is why I always prefer playing my favorite sport which is volleyball. Just to spill the beans, I have been playing this sport since Grade School. I have tried a lot of sports but nothing beats my passion with volleyball. There's always a spark whenever I hit the ball and it triggers me to be at my best shape all the time.
For people who are curious why I only have Sunday to rest, it's because I am currently reviewing in preparation for something big. As much I want to drop the tune and tell y'all, it will never be a surprise anymore. I am doing this to make my parents proud of me and I am deeply hoping that I will nail it in the end. Just like sports, studying entails hard work, comprehension, perseverance and prayers, no one will never be triumphant without it.
Details - Baseball Cap (New Era Cap Ph), White Tee (Uniqlo Ph), Gym Bag and Running Shorts (Adidas Ph) and Kicks (Nike Ph).
 One day, I will spill everything through an article. It is sad to say but starting today, I will rarely write blog posts for I need to focus on my review but if time permits, I will definitely update everyone. Please pray for me as I go on with this journey. Hoping and praying for triumphant days ahead! :)

Photos by Rudolph Lopez

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