Thursday, 5 November 2015

9 Reasons why Zenfone 2 Laser is a must have + OOTD!

All the time, I am using my SLR on taking snapshots for my blog. I always wanted clear high-res photos not because I wanted to make a good impression but due to my obsessive-compulsive attacks. Until recently, Asus Philippines sent me this sleek and chic Zenfone 2 | Laser to review. At first, I was hesitant because I am not a tech blogger but because I love taking photos for my OOTD, I tried and tested it.
1. Superb camera lens. One of the strengths of Zenfone 2 | Laser was its auto-focus capability. It can accelerate close-ups photography, compensating for the extra distance created by the lens receding during framing. Me and my friend have done our shoot around 5pm and it was awesome to see that the phone abled to adjust with the natural light and produced a good selfie shot.
2. Selfie-friendly. Its built-in application was called real-time beautification mode which provided skin softening, brightening, blush. eye enhance, cheek thinning and color correction. Moreover, the resolution was superb. The rear camera had an 8 megapixel capacity while the back camera had 52 MP. It had the same level as shooting an OOTD using an SLR. 
3. Tough display for a phone. This phone featured a 5-inch HD (720x1820p) and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which offered vibrant colors, good brightness level and wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees. If you were up for watching movies or series using this, this will give a 5-star rating experience.
4. Battery. I am very particular with phone's battery because I hate bringing a power bank. Since I love hooking up a pair of earplug to play music while I am traveling, I will really appreciate if the phone will keep up with my jam. Knowing Zenfone 2 | Laser 3,000 mAhLi-Polymer, it can give up to 36 hours of use while on playing music, 3G and same even if the Wifi is turned on all throughout that period. 
5. The Sound Performance. Talking about music, Zenfone 2 | Laser's speakers are constructed with five layers of magnets in a large chamber so the bass sound is much better than the traditional ones. Moreover, the phone has an AudioWizard 2.0 which can easily adjust on user's ears depending on what environment he is currently in.
6. Call Quality and connectivity. This phone has an enhanced Noise Zero Talk technology which helps eliminate background echo and reducing noise for crystal call speech. This will enable clear understanding of each conversation even in a rowdy environment. Zenfone 2 | Laser can max the download speed up to 150Mbps depending on the provider you are taking advantage. This phone is good for online movie streaming and youtube watching!
7. Privacy Protection. We all want our private space most especially on our Social Media accounts. This phone has a SnapView capability which can help shield someone's personal apps, photos and files. You can easily hand over your phone for someone to check it without checking in some of you private accounts.
8. Sensitive, responsive touch experience. This phone is one of the fastest in the market with a record-breaking touch response time of just 60mms. It does not have any lag which can enable your gaming experience on point!
9. User-friendly. For a non-techie user like me, the phone has an easy mode which makes every browsing a walk in the park and fun. It can allow you to effortlessly enlarge texts and simplified the layout based on the user's preferences. 
Details - Zenfone 2 | Laser (Asus Ph), Buttoned Down, Tee and Pants (Uniqlo Ph) and Shoes ( Nike Ph)
Here is the difference between Asus' Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 2 | Laser.
This phone was one of the greatest addition to my selfies and photography. I cannot wait to roam around the area and take snapshots. For more information, updates, sales and events, you can check Asus's website (

Photos by James Wycoco


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    1. perks of being a volleyball player. HAHA! :p

  2. Now I'm confused. I thought the Zenphone 2 is packed with 13 MP rear camera! But still it's superb.

    Jace |

    1. Sorry for the confusion but the new edited picture will show that it has 13 MP rear camera. :)