Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Geeky and Stylish Online Player

Before I jumped into style blogging and sports, my friends from the block taught me a lot of online games when I was a kid. Ranging from Counter Strike, Final XIII and a lot more. Up until now, I have this geeky side with me and when I have a free time, I spare it by playing DoTA or League of Legends. If you want to play with me, I have a Garena account, please add @seftiburcio.
Way back into college, I have 3 sets of friends. The first was my INTAC family dance team who I really wanted to share the stage with. The second was my Nursing Core Team, a group of intelligent nursing students who were into researching, studying, debating and competing. The last but not the least was my FEU-IN DoTA team. Yes! You read that right! We were a bunch of nursing students who loved to play and compete with different computer shops just for fun. My group was quite competitive and to be honest, we lost a few but won a lot of matches.
Details - Blazer (SM Men's Fashion), Tee (Basic House Ph), Shorts (Giordano Ph) and Sneakers (Zalora Ph)
Even though I have spent a lot of hours playing online games, it was never an excuse for me to flank my subjects or miss classes. I made it to the point to somehow master time management and it brought me to where I am right now. As an advice to students, if you want a successful college life, juggle everything accordingly, make a list and execute everything based on the steps you have planned.

Photos by Phya Pineda


  1. It's nice that you are an expert in time management even as a student before. I guess students now need to be more focused with their studies.

  2. Who say's nerds need to look like nerds, great outfit , though i am more into playing perfect world

  3. I used to play Dota back in high school as well, right after our exams! We played for 8-straight hours, and even now, I try to get together with guys who wants to play.

  4. Am also i master of may trades and its feels good. sometimes the stress is not good, Nice shoes.