Saturday, 3 October 2015

12 Reasons why you must be friends with a Registered Nurse.

Way back in my college years when I was hogging wild to submit my papers and thesis for tomorrow's class. Even with prelims, midterms and final exams, I made it to the point to be prepared so I will nail the highest score. I have met a lot of people along the way from different courses and walks in life. These friends I had and have, always ask several questions which made me create a list why having a Registered Nurse friend was a benefit.
1. Your number 1 over-the-counter drug consultant. A friend you can ask regarding what medications to take in case you catch a cold.
2. One of your best dietitians. Someone you can ask what is the best meal to becoming buff, gaining or losing weight.
3. Your love and life advisor. One of our subjects is Psychiatric Nursing, so you can freely ask for an advice or two even if you are grown up already.
4. Multi-Tasking is not a problem. We can do everything in one single movement. Trust me, we are good in that!
5. We are hardworking. We do not mind doing the tasks in one stroke. As long as we can get things done, we never mind moving, moving and moving.
6. We are f*ckingly resourceful. We are used to having limited things. Out of that, we can make do-it-yourself things instantly making our lives easier and also for our patients.
7. We are the "wannabe-strong"people. We always deal with life and death situations even if we do not like it. Hence, we need to be strong for us to get throughout the day.
8. We can beat the creative team of a magazine. Being used to limited resources, we can develop certain medical supplies to look like an awesome decoration. Trust me, I have done this a lot of times already.
9. We are compassionate. Not only are we great listeners, but we are well equipped to help handle difficult situations. We will always "be there!"
10. We do not mind doing the "dirty jobs". Remember the last time you vomited after a party? We are one of the few friends you have who is always ready to clean up your mess.
11. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly involving the human body. Nothing surprises, shocks or disgusts us! More importantly, we tend not to laugh anymore with any human body anomalies.
12. Finally, most of us are good-looking. We do not need fancy things to wear during our nursing shift. All we need is our Scrub Suit, Knowledge, Skills and Attitude and everything will go from there. *coughs hard
Details - Sunnies (Sprinto), Top (Jean+Paul), Belt (SM Accesories), Pants (Uniqlo Ph) and Brogues (Milanos Shoes).
Out of the 12 major reasons I have shared, there are a lot of basis why making friends with a Nurse is definitely a plus factor in life. So if you have a nurse friend, better treasure them than lose them along the way. At the end of the day, having us is like a gem, we are precious than what you think because we are always there to take good care of you! :)

Photos by Marc Teng

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