Sunday, 20 September 2015

Style Bloggers are dumb!

"Style Bloggers are dumb", this statement irritates my ears. People are very judgmental about people who are inclined with styling or fashion. Just becausae we are very busy focusing on grooming ourselves, it does not mean that we are airheads. Most of the style bloggers I know have degrees in Mass Communication, Information Technology, Sciences and alike. Some of them are Cum Laude, board top-notchers or even dean's listers. Although I will not close the possibilities that there are some who are delayed with their studies, still, they will make it anyway.
People will always have something to say even if you are working hard crafting your future. We cannot control them, but it will hurt them if we will prove them wrong. We should master the act of ignoring bad comments and grind until we succeed in life.
Details: Flanel, Tee and Pants (Uniqlo Ph) and Black Boots (Milanos Shoes). 
 Filtering statements from bad people is the best way to test your maturity. If you want to make life easier, avoid stress and distant yourself from them. They may say a word or two, but it will never change your foundation in life. As long as you love what you are doing and on the right track, no one will stop you from triumphing in life.

Oh! Uniqlo Estancia is now open! Raid the store and stock on your basics!

Photos by Marc Teng


  1. Love this! // Nice meeting you earlier Sef!
    Too shy to talk to you though ;u; na - starstruck haha.

    keep up the style!

    1. Haha! You are fine. I had fun meeting you for the first time and you're tall in person ah! Thank you! 😁