Monday, 7 September 2015

A Sense of Nobility.

When I was in the middle of choosing over a career as I headed on to college, nursing was never my first choice. I preferred a Mass Communication or Culinary Arts degree. It was only my parents who pushed me to take up Nursing. As I reminisced, my first year was a struggle. Although, my academic side was good, my heart was never there. It was only my mom who told me to take up one more year and if I am still not happy then I can transfer to another institute. 
My second year was quite memorable. I had a foster family who took care of me as I roamed around and gathered survey for the community. It was the time that I realized that Nursing was more personal than any other courses I wished to have. I got back with my mom and told her that I will finish my studies as soon as I can. My last 2 years in college were quite hard but the eagerness to learn was always there every day. I graduated on time with no backlogs or failed subjects and my parents were very happy for me. Until board exam was all up and I am proud to say that I ranked 13th out of all the examinees in which I never expected at all.
Due to a huge number of nurses who passed the board exam, I found it hard to get a nursing job so I explored some careers on which I did not enjoy. Not until lately when I was hired as a staff nurse inside a hospital. It was surreal that I was able to fulfill the oath I took when I nailed the exam. Finally, I can say, I am working as a care provider right now. :)
Details - Shirt (Uniqlo Ph), Denim Top (Folded n' Hung), Shorts (Straightforward Clothing) and Lunarlon Running Kicks (Nike).
As early as now, this time will be the best moment to continue what you love to do in life. Your dreams are not too late to conquer. Instead of doing some things that you do not want to do, quit it and find the best way to make it happen. This will avoid any regret in the end and will produce great happiness on your part.

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Photos by Jaycee Bori


  1. Congrats on getting hired as a staff nurse. I'm sure you'll do well.

  2. Ahhhh! <3 I love this post. It was so much on point. I recently shifted out of my engineering course to pursue something I really love. And you remind me that it's okay - it's not too late and we should be happy. Here's to us dream chasers! :)

    1. Cheers to us who loves to do our thing in life. :)

  3. I agree Sef, I guess there's no time limit as far as reaching our goal in concerned...oh, btw, nice ensemble :)

  4. I completely agree with what you said that it's never too late to go after your dreams. You just have to want it!

  5. Good thing you didn't give up after a difficult first year and decided to stick with nursing. It's great that you ended up liking it. :)

  6. It's nice that you ended up liking it. We need more nurses here in the country and we need more of those like you -- someone with a big heart.