Sunday, 9 August 2015

Why I am not like you?

I am not like you because I am created unique. Yes, we are different. I have my ways and you have yours. I have my own strengths and weaknesses and you have yours. I have my own ways of living my life and you have yours. I have my way of expressing myself and you have yours. I may wish I have some part of your life, but I never dreamed of being you. Why? It may sound hypocrite, but I am trying my best to be contented on what I have. 
Social media has been the biggest part of every blogger's life. Every day I am seeing posts by every writer I know and some tells their life while most of them are trying to achieve someone else's life. I feel sorry for them because I am sensing their burden on looking great with every picture or blog they are posting. When I was young, I was once like them but my mother advised me this, "If you want to earn something in life, work harder than the rest and claim it like it is destined for you to have."
Details: Checkered buttoned down and Miracle Air Pants (Uniqlo Ph), Watch (Casio), Belt (Beverly Hills Polo Club Ph) and Loafers (Zalora Ph)
If one is attempting to live a good life, invest to one's future, work harder and know how to play the game wisely. Everyone is not the same because one is craving differently depending on what he needs. Stop faking and start working. At the end of the day, we are living the life based on what we have done. If we'll make it right, we'll get it right. Be bold. Stand out. Live differently.

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Photos by James Wycoco


  1. I do know some people who are like that. They try their very best to look happy and rich in life but in reality, their parents are struggling to provide for them. Posting in social media the shopping bags and new stuff doesn't make them "cool"; maybe to some, yes. But for us who truly know what is happening, it's a major turn off.

  2. I feel you. I know people who idolize other people / celebrities too much to the point that they lose their identity then they tell me they don't know who they are anymore. It's crazy to be honest.

  3. Social media really is a deceptive thing. It's hard to tell whether people are authentic or not. And yes, there are those who try so hard to live someone else's life instead of just relishing in their own. That's a little sad.

  4. This media madness era realness is something you all lost. Most of the picture on IG are mere faking. Human have lost their true self. we avoid what we have and look what we dont and worthless.

  5. Social media only shows us a small part of a person's story. Sadly, even that small portion may not be authentic at all. I think trying to live someone else's life is tiring and unsatisfying. Why try to be someone else if you can be the best you, right?

  6. That's true, if you are successful. No need to tell about it because people will know.

  7. I agree that we have to live our lives as ourselves and... you rocked that outfit! ^_^