Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Act of Reciprocity.

I am very transparent with people. If you are nice with me, I am nicer but if you are not, then I am sorry. I always believe in the word "reciprocity" meaning, your ability to counteract what people are showing or treating you. This world is quite small for all of us, what goes around comes around.
I do not get it why some people are so immature and childish that they need to destroy someone's reputation. What's worst is that they keep adding fuel to the fire instead of settling some dilemmas. I mean if they have a problem with someone, why not try to be professional and talk things out? What is funny is that I am being included to the problem in which I do not have any connection in the first place. Pathetic. Well, I just brush things out and laugh about it. I believe in karma, a lot. Oh! I will just go back to the 1st step, The Act of Reciprocity.
Life is too short for some uncomfortable feelings and senseless moments. I just write this out because I want to vent out. This will be the last moment that I will talk about this uncertainty. I will just reciprocate on how they will treat me. It is part of growing up, be nice, civil, polite and most importantly, never ever create stories that will destroy other people. 
Details - White Top and Pants (Uniqlo Ph), Leather Jacket (Forever 21), Boots (SM Milanos)
I wish nothing but the best for these people. I hope that they will find their inner peace instead of minding others' business. For myself, I will just reciprocate everything. May the odds be in my favor. Let us drink to that! :)

Photos by Kim Nieves

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