Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Halo's Huge Sale!

I heard good reviews about Halo Mobile Clothing products and my first meeting with the brand turned out to be the best. I was able to grab a bag (it was TJ Blue) and tried it for myself. If you happened to see me on events, I used to carry this bag because of its durability and quality. I can completely put all my things in an organized manner, both my gadgets and important documents. Most of all, the bag was not bulky even if it was jam packed.
Last Saturday, I had the chance to visit and shop at the nearest branch of Halo Mobile Clothing here in SM Marikina. I never thought that they're currently having a huge sale! From cell phone casing, laptop sleeves and all the way up to backpacks. Each piece (depending on designs and sizes) had a minimum of Php100 - Php 500 discount. Moreover, as I picked and shopped around, I was assisted by the brand's knowledgeable staff. You may ask about their best-selling stuff or they can recommend some of their most popular items.
The brand has been in the business for more than 6 years now. They never failed to provide fashionable and functional pieces to cater their customer's preferences. Halo is more than a protection for your gadget. It creates a statement of who you are. The brand offers a wide variety of designs up to date for the technology savvy. Each style is creatively designed with colors and patterns that will fit your mood and personality.
I know you are curious on the range of the prices so let me spill some infomation here. For the backpacks, it range from Php995 to Php1395. For shoulder bags, Php 995 - Php 1095. For Sleeves for laptops, it will be Php 395 to Php 750. For sling bags for tablets, Php595 - Php795. For Ipad/Ipad Mini casing, Php495 - Php895. For Pouches, the minimum is Php150 - Php349. For cellphone casing, the most affordable is Php295 up to Php445. If you want to check some designs and information, you may visit their website which is www.halomobileclothing.com.
If you want to know the list of the malls where you can find Halo Mobile Clothing stores, you can check this link here. Also, if you want to be in the loop of the latest happenings, events and updates from the brand, you may visit their website which is www.halombileclothing.com. You may follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@halomobileclothing). 


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    1. Agreed with you, John! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. I've been there also last weekend, very awesome deal, Nice Quality Product in very affordable price and very cute,approachable sales staff specially staff named maylene and kristel...they help me to find what best for my needs.

    1. Awesome. What have you bought in that store, Ryan? Share it here! :)