Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Caffe Bene and Lotus' Biscoff Sweet Collaboration.

I am very picky when it comes to visiting a coffee shop. I will go to the one that can provide a relaxing vibe where I can read my novels and zip a good coffee. Moreover, whenever I am not in the mood of blogging inside our house, I usually make my way and visit the nearest coffee shop. Caffe Bene has been my favorite spot to chill and it is amazing to hear that they will be collaborating with Lotus' Biscoff.
For the first timers hearing Caffe Bene, the shop opened its first store in Seoul, Korea and made its way in the Philippines last 2013. As of now, Caffe Bene already had 5 branches in our country which were located in SM Moa, Eastwood, Valero, SM BF and SM Clark. The shop was popular because of Cookies and Cream and Strawberry Bingsu plus their Mocha Frappucino. They were also listed as one of the 10 Best Cafes by spot.ph for coffee and book lovers. 
Last August 20, 2015, Caffe Bene formally announced its collaboration with Lotus' Biscoff, a Belgium-based bakery which was founded by the Boone brothers in 1932. Not until 1950, when the sweet shop formally proposed to partner it with coffee and it went well. It became a habit not just inside the house but in restaurants, hotels and even in airplanes. A quick trivia, Biscoff was coined because of BIS-cuit and COFF-ee, meaning the two must be paired every time.
One of the highlights of the event was to create your own Biscoff gelato. Since I am ready with almost everything, I squeezed my creative juices and came up with my own version. I crushed 2 small biscuits of Lotus and sprinkled it on my cup. I finished the plating by topping a biscuit over the top of my gelato. I posted my photo on Instagram and Facebook accounts and did the hashtag #BenelovesBiscoff and I got the highest votes! Yippee!
Caffe Bene now offers free Lotus Biscoff for every purchase of Cafe Americano. Furthermore, they will be having a "Waffle All You Can" promo for as low as Php350. The coffe shop is brewing a giveaway on their facebook page so click the link here. Good news for everyone, Lotus Biscoff biscuits (124g, 125g, 156g and 250g packs) and Lotus Biscoff 400g smooth and 380g crunchy spreads are now available in the nearest supermarkets in our area!

For more information, events and updates, you may visit Caffe Bene's page here and Lotus' Biscoff's page here. You may follow them on Instagram (@lotusbiscoffph and @cafebenneph). 

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  1. I love that place! Been there only once to meet with fellow blogger friends but it was such a wonderful, relaxing place to be.

    1. It is. I usually do my me time here eating Cooking and Cream Bingsu. :)