Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Be a Luminisce Baby!

I have been to a lot of Skin Clinics and I am a very particular about their holistic approach on taking good care of my skin. I am a "first-impression" type of customer, meaning I am very specific about the services. If they will meet my needs, I will stay but if not, I will look for the best one. Of all the Dermatologist Centers I have been, I am deeply satisfied on how I am treated with Luminisce Skin Clinic and I am proud to say that I am an official Luminisce Blogger Baby. 
Before you will proceed to each treatment, Dr. Kaycee Reyes, owner, London-trained dermatologist and wellness advocate of the center will check and analyze your skin. Luminisce's wide range of services is aided with the state-of-the-art technology, promising to address your skin and body's varied and particular needs. See and feel the difference as Dr. Kaycee Reyes helps you achieve your skin's best health and glow you never thought possible. At Luminisce, attain skin formation.
After ages, I was able to meet Dra. Kaycee and started with my treatment. Here's the list of the procedures that was done to me. Before heading to the procedure, it was a necessity to do facial cleaning and putting creams. After the cleansing, I underwent a treatment called Skin OxyGlow. It will regain my youthful glow with this machine. This treatment will infuse oxygen and hydrate nutrients deep into the cells that will immediately rejuvenate the skin by improving blood circulation while encouraging collagen production to protect the skin from the harsh environment.
After the Oxyglow, my next procedure was Hydra Power. It was a machine that used powerful vacuum and Vortex tip unique to Aqua Clean, not just exfoliation but microdermabrasion and deep dermal cleansing can be realized at the same time, resulting in brighter and cleaner skin by this premium skin solution that was apart from the rest. It has 3 serums: Lactic Acid, by which it will remove the sebum and oxidized waste deeper in the pores. 
Second is Salicylic Acid, by which it will dissolve oxidized dead skins and will calm acne, rash and other skin problems. Lastly,  Hyaluronic Acid, by which it will supplement nutrients and deep moisturizing on the cleaner skin.
After Hydra Power then I headed to LED. It will reveal smoother and radiant skin with photomodulation, in which Light Emitting Diodes (LED) will cut deep into the skin cells and will slow the skin's aging process by regenerating collagen and elastin, bringing back younger-looking skin.
Since I had no pimples that time but had tons of black and white heads, I underwent manual pricking to remove it.
For protection of the pricked skin, my attendant applied Vitamin C and Sunblock so as it will be protected from UV rays.
For the finale, my last procedure was called Silvercure Laser which will improve enlarged pores, sun damage, wrinkles, onychomycosis and even inflammatory acne with seborrhea. 
On top of that, I am honored to announce that my blog and Luminisce will be collaborating more. If you want to be a Luminisce Baby like me, you can visit the clinic which is located at 2nd Flr. Mercury Building, 32nd Street, 4th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig or call them and schedule an appointment at (02) 511-8500. You may follow them on IG (@luminisce_official). Join the bandwagon and be a #LuminisceBaby like us. :)