Friday, 17 July 2015

5 Snacks I love to buy in a convenience store.

I do not like bringing a packed lunch for my work shift. Why? It is because there is a big possibility that I will not eat it. My lunch depends on the number of patients confined in our ward. The higher the census is, the more chances of me not eating my food. Instead of bringing house-cooked food, I would rather buy finger snacks that will make my stomach full. Here are some of my favorite snacks inside the convenience store that I love to eat when time permits. 
1. My go-to heavy snack is hotdog sandwich. This food serves as my energizer in case the ward will be hit by an impending crisis like jam-packed admissions or rendering CPR.
2. I always buy Nagaraya whenever I will be in a graveyard shift. A 10PM-6AM shift is quite benign comparing to other shifts because most of the patients are asleep. This will be the best time to have tons of chitchats with colleagues about life while digging in some treats.
3. A swirl all you can ice cream cone is my reward to myself after a tiring shift. This serves as my happy pill if I feel like overly exhausted with work or life sometimes.
4. Another favorite light meal is Loaded's Black Forest flavor. There is something about this cupcake that drives me crazy. Most of the time, I will buy it in a set-of-10 pack then I will consume it within a day.
5. Last but not the least is a one-liter Mogu-mogu's grape flavor treat. This serves as my drink/light meal. Do I need to elaborate more? HAHAHAHA!
Details - Tee and Shorts (Giordano Ph), Watch (Casio), Belt (Gift) and Loafers (Zalora Ph).

So you, what is/are your top snack/s in a convenience store? Share your thoughts on the comment section below!

Photos by Marc Teng


  1. I like Nagaraya and also Mogu Mogu. I also buy Vitamin Boost from time to time.

  2. I miss eating Nagaraya. Your first snack is also what I always buy whenever I stopped by 7-11.

  3. Mogu mogu is my favorite snack too for long drives. Other than that, I also buy Nova or mushroom burger if it's available.