Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Summer Birthday!

When I was a kid, I wished that the school year will start on Summer days. This is because I wanted to experience celebrating my natal day inside a classroom with my classmates. As I grew older, I am glad that having a birthday on April was a bit practical because I didn't need to spend too much treating people. I can choose people whom I wanted to celebrate with, people that really matter to me.
This year, I recently had my 20-something birthday. I never thought that I will feel the love the night before my big day. Greetings were rushing in, gifts kept on coming and happy feelings were overflowing. I never had any dull birthdays but God, my family and friends made it special even if not that fancy. I didn't need material things for I am always wishing and praying for a good health not just for me but for the people closest to my heart.
One downside of having birthdays was, I am growing older. If only I can stay as forever as 21 then everything will be stylish, fun and young. Unfortunately, we needed to come and go. So whatever time we still have left here on Earth, let's do all the things we wanted to do and conquer.
Details: Snapback (Penshoppe), Shirt (Uniqlo Philippines), Watch (Casio), Summer Shorts (Folded and Hung) and Sneakers (Zalora Philippines).
 Before I will end this style post, I wanted to thank everyone who made my day special. I am looking forward to more happy birthdays to come. Also, I wished that your wishes will come true. I am hoping for the best moments for you and for your loved ones. Again, thank you and let us conquer the world!

Photos by JC Bori


  1. Happy Birthday and Belated Happy Birthday, Sef. I wish you more reasons to smile each day. Keep rockin' those OOTDs.

  2. Happy belated birthday :) Looking forward to more OOTDs from you!

  3. Happy belated birthday Sef! I hope you'll get all your wishes.
    God bless!

    Nice outfit! Love the snapback.

  4. Belated happy birthday! I guess you're right. At least having your birthday in April means you can just invite the people who you want to celebrate the special day with you.

    How's the sneakers in Zalora? Is it comfortable and soft?

    1. It is very comfy, I always wear it whenever I have some errands to attend to. :)

  5. Happy birthday. It's better to have your birthday off school days to save on cost but since everything is so linked now by social media, you still get your greeting.

  6. I like your sneakers :D I always wanted to have a white one like yours!