Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Style Template Wednesday # 6 - Travel Easy and Light

Summer is my favorite season. This is the best time that I can go to the beach with my friends and have some wild crazy nights. We only meet during summer because of the different work schedules that we have. We always make sure that we will plot our leaves on the same days and maximize the fun.

Whenever I am going out heading to a summer destination, I always make sure that I will wear something comfortable. Something that I can move freely without any restrictions. For today's Style Template Wednesday, let me share you some inspiration on what you might wear during a beach getaway!

Plain tank top, mostly what I always bought in Uniqlo Ph has been my favorite upper wear. It only does not help me feel comfortable. but it helps me emphasize the body I have worked out for, a couple of months before this hot season. Floral shorts (River Island) will get rid of the plain-looking ensemble of your OOTD. I have been a fan of snapbacks so I'd rather wear cap than sunglasses whenever I roaming around the resort. While traveling, you need a water-resistant watch. In case you might accidentally slip on the seashore then your watch will not end up being soaked up. Shoes and traveling bag are important too. So choose a footwear that can aid you going to the place wherever you may want to go accompanied by your bag that can put all of your things altogether. 

Hope you will like my Style Template inspiration for today. I know you can't wait for summer but then, make sure you will pass this semester for you to enjoy the incoming hot season. See you guys around! :)

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