Thursday, 18 December 2014

My life experience of being bullied.

I remembered the last time that I was proclaimed as an official alumnus of my High School Alma Mater, it was fresh that I barely forget it. It was the moment that I promised myself that I will be better and will no longer be bullied, harassed and embarrassed by other people. I am one of the first people who walked away and never looked back for almost all the memories with me were bitter and sad. Yes, very depressing. 
My puberty stage was rough. Pimples were everywhere. For a kid as young as 13, I am labeled obese. I am just as happy-go-lucky and friendly as I can be but few people liked me because of how I looked. There were days that I am humiliated inside a class and my class advisor was just looking and laughing together with them. There were 2-3 people who stood up for me but they eventually stopped because my bullies never ceased bullying me. I tried my very best to fight for my right but a one-man team will always be mismatched to 10 heads. It came to a point that I pitied myself that I almost quit school. Those days were the worst for me, so bad that I became pessimistic and less confident. Anger built up in me that I am wishing each person who mistreated me, the worst in life.
As I stepped my way to college, everything was very different. People were nice, accommodating and friendly. My physical features improved, I lost weight and excelled with the task being provided to me. I felt home and that was the feeling I never experienced with my secondary school. I slowly gained everything I lost way back in High School, from confidence, self, all the way from having tons of friends. I had my life in there and everything bloomed. My secret to bouncing back in life was my late Christian Living teacher, Sir Steve that became my best friend. He pushed me up so hard that I turned out to be the best result of what I am right now. I owed everything to him and was really thankful for the impact he brought to my life.
I have to be honest but I will never forget all the things that they have done to me. Not for the reason that I am vengeful but I want to use those memories as stepping stones to becoming the improved me. From the time I brought back my life, I already accepted their apologies even though they didn't utter a single sorry. I am okay right now and still thankful for this worst experience for I learned a lot.
Details - Beanie and Pants (Uniqlo), Leather Jacket (Forever 21), Tee (Bench), Watch (Aldo) and Boots (American Eagle).
At the end of the day, whatever things that happened to me, I will always treasure it. For the past experiences that I will never ever bring back, I will just brush it away. Grieving over spilled milk will never help me achieve all of my dreams in life. Life is good and I think everyone deserves it.

Also, this post was not meant to harbor pity. It was an experience that I wanted to share, one of the reasons why this site was considered as a personal style blog. 

Thanks for dropping by, ciao! :)

Photos by Ben Bigalbal


  1. I like the way you connected your previous experiences on your won style. Anyway, I like the black biker jacket.

  2. I think high school is the worst years of our lives. I wasn't bullied before tho.. but I did felt like during my high school I was the ugliest and I feel less appreciated by people. When I got into college, everyone was definitely friendly. I think it's the "phase" talaga.. So ayun.. I started improving myself when during my college days. That's the time I started dressing up and used makeup. hihi :)

    Anyway you really look good now, Sef! Very far from your description of your old self. Congratulations with all your success! :)

    1. Thank you Rhea, I really cannot help but reminisce all of the things that happened. I am glad that I am over these things. At least for now, I am quite happy with my life than before. Thanks for dropping by, it means alot. :)