Wednesday, 19 November 2014

adidas Originals and Tokyo’s Neighborhood Take On Japanese Street Style

Adidas Originals once again collaborate with Tokyo’s NEIGHBORHOOD to bring another fresh take on classic sportswear for FW14. Strong seasonal hues breathe new life into timeless silhouettes, fusing casual and contemporary with traditional tailoring and construction. This latest collection, which features both footwear and apparel, pays regard to the enduring originality of the two brands. Collaborative branding through out portrays confidence in a clean collection which embodies both NEIGHBORHOOD's signature aesthetic and adidas Originals' sportswear heritage. 
The long-term partnership between adidas and Neighborhood began in the 1980s when Neighborhood’s designer Shinsuke Takizawa was first introduced to adidas by RUN-D.M.C. The first milestone of a fruitful relationship blossomed in 2005 when Takizawa and adidas worked on the Consortium project, creating a version of the Superstars sneakers favoured by the aforementioned hip-hop trio.
“Creating a design that does not already exist was the original concept when adidas and I first worked together,” says Takizawa. “Our long-term relationship was forged based on mutual respect for the product, innovation and reputation. To this day, that same concept is still at the core of our collaboration.”
Takizawa’s attention to detail, craftsmanship and unique sources of inspiration is evident in the new collection which combines strong seasonal hues with timeless silhouettes, while fusing casual and contemporary with traditional tailoring and construction. 

Inspired by the classic adidas sportswear, the adidas Originals Superstar by Neighborhood will be available for purchase from November 15 at Sneak peek.

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  1. I really await collaborations of Adidas with various brands. Is this available in the Philippines?

    1. Hi Marc, this will be available of the 15th. Thanks for asking. :)

  2. as always great collabs! i've seen this also on the feed and it was really nice! diggin the shoes bro! its been awhile! :)

  3. I can see the Japanese statement in the pictures. To create something that doesn't exist yet, wow, that's far out impressive! (Run DMC's got some style!)

  4. Oh goodie! Now I know what to give to my brother in law for Christmas.

  5. adidas has really great designs and the originals brand really are just timeless and classic.

  6. Adidas is a special brand for me since my first trainers belong to that brand, they were the most comfy shoes in the world and since then this is the only shoes I wear for training. A great collaboration, and the results are awesome design and silhouette!

  7. Adidas always has great designs and this never fails to impress! Such a great collab! <3

  8. Adidas was one of my top choice of brands. Great Collaboration

  9. Great pieces. I'd like to get my hands on those jackets and get them for myself. I